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Make Its Mark By the Dish: a�?3-cup Volesa�?

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Food culture plays a significant role when it comes to knowing a certain placea��s history and lifestyle, especially when you are traveling. Based on food culture you can also get to know a placea��s agriculture and fishing industry. Ho- Le Diner situated in Lucao Township in Chiayi County can let you experience its food culture by a local specialty and that is: voles. In early years, most fields were planted sugar canes for the use of Taiwan Sugar Corporation. Therefore, a large amount of voles were attracted by these sweet and juicy sugar canes. However, to fields of sugar canes, voles were pests and someone even offered rewards for those who can exterminate voles from their fields. The third generation owner of Ho-Le Diner, Gui-Qian Lin said, in the early years, some people would take voles they caught to his chef father to cook them as dishes.

Because voles are always running around in sugar cane fields, they do not have extra fat on their bodies. In addition, they only eat sugar canes, corn, or other grains around the fields, so this is why their meat are pure and sweet in both flavor and texture. Gui-Qian Lina��s father, Ming-Zhi Lin, so called, Master A-Zhi is the second generation owner of Ho-Le Diner. He is the one who first came up with the idea of using voles into dishes. The mouth-watering a�?3-cup volesa�? he made attract lots of foodies just to taste this gourmet dish. (3 cups represent one cup of soy sauce, one cup of sesame oil, and one cup of rice wine.) The texture of volea��s meat is similar to chicken. It is tender and doesna��t stick between teeth. Whoever has tasted this a�?3-cup volesa�?, all gives a thumb up and absolutely love it. Gradually, this dish has become a special to Ho-Le Diner that even a popular TV show came for an interview. After this 15-minute interview was up on TV, the restaurant was full everyday. Some people came early in the morning to wait in line just to taste this dish. In frenzy, a�?3-cup volesa�? has become the famous dish in Lucao Township.

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Ho-Le Dineri??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Ho-Le Dineri??TaiwanDay

Insect Feast

Apart from voles, there are plenty of surprising ingredients, for example wild crickets and bamboo worms are some easily accessible insects in Lucao Township. Inspired by this, Gui-Qiana��s father imported some insects, which can also be used as Chinese medicine and cook them into dishes, such as black ants scrambled eggs, fired scorpions, fired peanuts with bamboo worms, and so on. These extraordinary dishes has spread Ho-Le Dinera��s fame far and wide and also interested many brave foodies who dare to try something new to come for a visit.


Black Ants Scrambled Egg (NT.200) uses black ants from Harbin, which are made into Chinese medicine then can cook as dishes. First, fry black ants so as to get rid of their acid and then scramble with eggs. Then sprinkle fried black sesames, white sesames, and dried shrimps on the scrambled egg. It is a dish with a crispy texture. For a closer look at the scrambled egg, you can still see those black ants in the egg. This dish serves as the insect food 101, the easiest dish for those who first try insects in a dish.

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Ho-Le Dineri??TaiwanDay