Sunset at Gaomei Wetlands, Taichung

Beautiful Formosa

Located in East Asia, Taiwan is a wondrous island with a population of 23 million and was ranked No.1 for the quality of life by Business Insider from England in 2016.

American publication Freedom House gave Taiwan a 91 out of 100 score in their “Freedom in the World” report. Ranking No.2 in Asia, only surpassed by Japan.

Matsu Sea of Stars

Surreal Sea of Stars are magical and mesmerizing, ever chosen as one of the five world wonders by CNN and the international landscape by NASA.

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Military Tunnels

There are hundreds of military tunnels in Kinmen and Matsu. The biggest one, Beihai Tunnel, can accommodate 120 boats.

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Penghu Basalt

The Penghu Islands were listed Top 10 Secret Islands of the World by Lonely Planet.

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Seashores of Taiwan

With 1,520-kilometer long coastline, Taiwan is home to very diverse marine biology.

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Mountains of Taiwan

There are 268 mountains with over 3000-meter high in this majestic island.

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Tribes of Taiwan

The aboriginal people have been living in Taiwan since approximately 6,500 years ago.

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Unique B&Bs

Taiwan is home to over 16 thousand distinctive bed and breakfasts.

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Chimei Museum houses the largest violin collection in the world, some of which date back to the 16th century.

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Taiwan boasts numerous creative restaurants, such as Formosa Pearl, that serve dishes inspired by Japanese and other international cuisines.

Sheng-Tong Day & Tung-Hua Tai
The founder of TAIWANDAY, Sheng-Tong Day, established this company with his son, Tung-Hua Tai, at his old age. Making good use of father’s specialty in business and son’s extensive knowledge of online marketing, they continually push Taiwan travel to a higher level, hoping more people all around the world could see this fantastic hidden gem.

Within two years, we already built fantastic vacations for more than 30,000 travelers.


I attended the Matsu Sea of Stars Trip with friends and family. At first, I felt the package was kind of pricey, but at the end it was definitely worth it, the food and accommodations were both top-rate, and the time-table was nicely planned. Both our travel secretaries were friendly and helpful. And the whole trip was a great experience!

Cathy Wu


Last year we arranged a Hualien and Taitung Tour between 18 friends, it an amazing trip. Our travel secretary is pretty and nice and very thoughtful. This time we plan to go to Penghu for a family trip, we are really looking forward for this vacation. buy periactin, dapoxetine online

Jui-Wu Hsiao


This time we joined the Matsu 3day tour. We were insisting on having the travel secretary we had the last time, but Chairman of Fun told us: “All our travel-secretaries are the best!” and he was right! Secretary Wu is lovely and funny, and the kids loved her! We also decided last minute to go see the Sea of Stars and our photographer accompanied us in the middle of night without complains.

Julia Chou