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Follow the babbling rivers, and midway along the Wu Tu river trail in ShiDing, you will encounter a wooden board written a�?this stop, happiness.a�? Highly recommended by gourmands, this is where Fu Tien House resides. From a distance, the owner is seen kneeling down at the doorstep peeling shells off freshly picked bamboo shoots. Dining here feels so comfortable and easy ita��s as if visiting a neighbor for tea. The owner, Ms. Huang Tien-tien cooks so well her cuisine is known around town. Hundreds of guests crowding the restaurant is a commom scenario. Homegrown vegetables are short for supply, hence Ms. Huang collaborated with nearby gardens, to ensure that ingredients are fresh. There are no fixed menu in the restaurant. All dishes are served according to the seasons. a�?All is cooked with love and passion,a�? Ms. Huang said grinning. If youa��re yearning for local ShiDing cuisine, dona��t forget to reserve in advance.

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A harvest fighting off monkeys

Fu Tien House is located in a tranquil environment. The plantations surrounding the building is rare. From the wall of bamboos, a field cultivating over hundreds of flowers, to a fish pond and Ms. Huanga��s abundant collection of fine rocks. While introducing me to the cultivations along the way, the owner skillfully picks away the weeds and a few bamboo shoots. He said that the wild monkeys living in the mountains also like to hunt for food here. At time of harvest, ita��s a competition. A goose named a�?Huh-baoa�? (goose baby) and a dog a�?Huang Lilya�? are two treasures of the restaurant. Huh-bao flaps his wings upon excitment. Lucky guests get an extra dish of fried goose eggs with chives sometimes.


Todaya��s menu:

White Cut Chicken (Chinese poached chicken, cold dish): a typical local dish. Local breed chicken poached to keep it juicy, tender and sweet. With a little soybean sauce, its perfect with rice.

Pork knuckle and bamboo shoots:

Selected Iberico pork knuckle with thick meat and chewy skin, braised in soybean sauce and crystal sugar until the surface turns red and crispy. Then simmered with bamboo shoots for refreshness. This chefa��s specialty is nutritious.

Chicken soup with peeled chili pepper:

Simmered with mushrooms, clams, ginger, dried dates, this chicken soup has a sweet and mild chili flavor. Other chefa��s special soups are goat milk chicken soup and pork ribs soup with yam.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Fu Tien Housei??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Fu Tien Housei??TaiwanDay

Braised pork balls:

Pork balls require a complex preparation. Iberico pork mixed with taro, water chestnuts, celery, and onions, then kneaded for over ten times until each meatball is thick and solid. Deep-fried for crispy surface and then simmered with Chinese cabbages. Bite in! Let the scent explode.

Pumpkin rice noodles:

Rice noodles fried with mushrroms, carrots and fungus. The smell is intriguing. It tastes soft but with elasticity. This dish is the best entry to local cuisine. Vegetarians can dig in too!

Tea-drunken shrimps:

Drunken shrimps prepared with ShiDinga��s local grown Oriental Beauty Tea. The shrimps are chewy and refreshing with not only the taste of wine but also tea.

Golden egg tofu:

Large and golden soft-boiled duck eggs, with their fine appearances, are one of the most popular dish in the restaurant. Served with ShiDing tofu which has an extraordinary thick, caramelled flavor. The taste is unforgettable.

Steamed striped bass:

Fresh striped bass bought in the morning seasoned with only some Cordia dichotoma. Steamed for 12 minutes. Ita��s refreshing and nutritious. Ms. Huang said with confidence that only a�?very fresha�? fish can be cooked this way.

Eggplant, goji and pumpkin salads:

Poached eggplants and steamed pumpkins only lightly flavored with salt, ginger and goji to preserve the original taste of the food. BothA� dishes are appetizing and refreshing.

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