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Recreate the Dreamland

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The Creative Space Made by the Male Owner Himself

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Zuhouse Bed & Breakfast has opened for over a year. The owner, Mr. Xu, once immigrated to Canada for fifteen years. After retirement, he found this land of mountain and woods with a Lot size about 2,934 pings (68,817 Sq. Ft.). He designed and made everything himself, which recreated the dreamland when he lived in Canada. In addition, as the whole family were bilingual and had a musical background, Zuhouse could host foreign guests as well as small musical activities. The three-storey building has an exterior design using a big transparent glass, and the interior is about 12 feet in height and has an open space with no partition wall. All the wooden crafts inside the building are mostly handmade by the Mr. Xu. Every where had creativity, for instance, the wood veneer ceiling in the living room and every tree lights in the garden.

Biodiversity and Various Activities

Passionate about the natural environment, the host not only preserved the original scenery in the surrounding areas but also built the natural pond, the swan lake, the cute chicken coop, etc. inside the garden. Besides, the rooftop area of the building was quite huge and it was open to guests for stargazing. When the night sky was clear, standing on the roof and looking up, guests would be able to see stars blinking all over the sky. Occasionally, you could see fireflies too. If you wanted to enjoy the tranquility that was not readily available in cities, come and stand here for a while and take a deep breath of fresh air, you would understand what I meant.

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Mr. Xu mocked himself saying that he always got overly excited when around people. He sincerely hoped for each guest to enjoy these fun outdoor activities. Therefore, he provided three activities, such as fishing, catching shrimps in the creek, and picking fruits. As long as the host is informed ahead of time, guests are welcome to do these activities. It would be recommended that you try it when staying at Zuhouse. If it rained during your stay, the host would provide indoor table games that were popular in many foreign countries, Outstanding Board Games (the a�?Board Games.a�?) This activity requires a minimum of four players, and only for ages older than ten. The fee was charged individually.

The Rooms Were High Quality and Decorated Tastefully

Zuhouse has five rooms in total. The room decorations are simple and elegant, with tasteful design and quality. The lighting is appropriate, which did not give people a sense of pressure so that they can experience the wonderful morning temperature in the countryside. Also, the floor in every room is made from walnut colored wood that gave those visitors who want to completely relax a clean and comfortable place to embrace fresh air on vacation. In the room, there are small musical instruments. If guests were into music, they can play and have fun themselves.

Official website a�� https://www.facebook.com/zuhouse130

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