Zhao Li Seafood Restaurant

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Tuck in the Palatable Pufferfish

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The Must-Eat Pufferfish Rice Noodles Soup

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Dona��t miss a�?Zhao Li Seafood Restauranta�? if you want to try special dishes that made of jellyfish or pufferfish. Ita��s the first restaurant specializing in pufferfish and ita��s also one of the most popular restaurants in Kenting. Because of the exceptional chef and the delectable foods, all the tourists come here on account of the high reputation. The restaurant is always full of guests at mealtimes. If you dona��t make a reservation, please be patient to wait!

a�?Zhao Li Seafood Restauranta�? was originally situated between Maanshan Nuclear Power Plant and South Bay. After it has moved to the current address, the extent was enlarged. Now there are seats in the evergreen garden, which are so comfortable. They also added some seafood and stir-fried dishes. All the guests can enjoy the divine foods and experience the heavenly taste.


Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Zhao Li Seafood Restauranti??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Zhao Li Seafood Restauranti??TaiwanDay

The Recommendations

Pufferfish Rice Noodles Soup (120 NTD): Zhao Li Chili Sauce (70 NTD/ per bottle):Prepare the main ingredient, pufferfish, manually and braise it with rice noodles, pork chops and vegetables. Then sprinkle some fried shallot. The traditional pufferfish rice noodles soup is ready. Who like spicy food can add the zesty Zhao Li chili sauce.

Raw Neritic Squid (250 NTD): If you want to make fresh sashimi, freeze the fresh neritic squid as soon as you catch them. Put the crystal white squid with orange-red shrimp eggs on lettuce. Baste it with the sauce that contains lemon juice and wasabi. This dish is sweet, sour, chewy and delightful.

Grilled Streaky Pork (200 NTD): This recipe is from Zhao Lia��s grandma. Massage the pork with garlic, Chinese herbs and salt. Marinate it for at least one day and grill it. The texture is tender and the taste is so mouthwatering!

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Zhao Li Seafood Restauranti??TaiwanDay