Changa��s Food Court

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Nothing but local food

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Local ingredients only, worth every penny

Changa��s Food Court is designed with modern taste. The interior is simple and elegant. The owner, Mr. Chang was once an interior designer, until he opened this business one day when he found himself missing his hometown cuisine so much and furthermore wanted all costumers to have a taste of his mothera��s delicacies. Back then there was no such thing as bluefin tuna festival in Donggang. Mr. Chang invented the a�?eight ways to eat tuna.a�? Later on when Pingtung County Government launched the Bluefin Tuna Cultural Festival, he was the first to join.

Unlike regular seafood restaurants, there are no Canadian lobsters or Japanese king crabs at Mr. Changa��s restaurant. There are only ingredients grown locally. This is what he insists on. At first sight, one may think that this is a restaurant for only the rich. It is true that some of the dishes are of high-cost, however, many are at reasonable price. One of A�the most worth ordering is the assorted sashimi dish.

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Changa��s Food Courti??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Changa��s Food Courti??TaiwanDay

During tuna season, there is definitely bluefin tuna sashimi, while other fish will be served at the appropriate season. Fish are handpicked by Mr. Chang every morning and sent directly to the restaurant so as to ensure its freshness. Pumpkin seafood hotpot is mashed pumpkin cooked with fish, shrimp, clam, squid and other seafood. The soup is rich and the ingredients are abundant. The most special dish, I would say is the shark fin ball soup. Shark fin balls are made with swordfish meat, squid, shrimp and shark fin, measuring twice the size of regular meat balls. The soup is sweetened with pork bones and vegetable. The texture is extremely complex. You can even see the shark fin!