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Be an owner of a beautiful yard

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Have you dreamed of owning a Japanese yard and being woken up by chirping sounds of birds every morning? If yes, then you should come visit Yu Tien Guesthouse in Taitung. Here, your dream is even magnified and comes true in front of you. Within the 88,975 square feet space, mostly you see are green trees, lakes, and yards. Only two corners of the space are designed for two separate and comfortable guestrooms in different styles. And nine siblings of the lovely Lei family run the guesthouse.

The land left from their parents used to be a rice field, and the siblingsa�� original plan was to live in the house together just as in the good old times. However, the plan was canceled since the second-oldest sister has stayed in Australia for a long time. Therefore, the place was remodified as a guesthouse. The family divided their job based on what people were good at. The oldest brother loved horticulture and thus was responsible for landscaping. The youngest sister was in charge of design since she had a background in architecture.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Yu Tien Guesthousei??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Yu Tien Guesthousei??TaiwanDay

And for other sisters who have retired, they would help manage the place. a�?Why dona��t you construct more rooms?a�? if you ask them. a�?Then the special weeping willow, lake, bridges, vegetation, and walks would be the way they are now, and the place would not be as quiet and wide,a�? they would smile and answer you. Indeed, the wide yard is what they are most proud of. In fact, the owners would leave after they hand you the room keys and introduce the environment to you. As a result, you can have the wide yard and own private space as you have rented all the place.

Charming in both Japanese and European styles

Although Yu Tien has only two guestrooms, each room has a luxurious space of 640.6 square feet. The room of European countryside style is very colorful with a grate, a wooden long table, French casement windows, a wooden virid wall, and a red wall painted with white flowers. You would feel at peace and relaxed when you sit on a windowsill next to a wooden table and watch swans swim in the lake. The room of the Japanese style is filled with aroma of cypress and straw mattresses. Warm sunlight and bamboo-knit walls create a simplistic and calm aura. The room has a huge bathroom, so you can enjoy the scenery of a Japanese garden and bath at the same time.
Chinese and western breakfast menu designed by dieticians. Vegetable rolls, seaweed cake, fried green onion eggs, sliced beef, broccolis, salad, grains drink, crust bread, and fresh fruit are all included in the buffet.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Yu Tien Guesthousei??TaiwanDay