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Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Yujoy Housea��TaiwanDay

Fulfilling young peoplea��s dream of going home

When the car drives from the east coast and deep into the Jam-Ping tribes, what soon catches your eyes are the terrace with layers stacking up. Yujoy House just sits between them, and it is surrounded by mountains and terraces. On top of that, you may see the ocean in the far distance, pushing waves toward Yujoy House. With such beautiful scenery, it is hard not to find joy here.

The Bed and Breakfast was named after the saying a�?Feeling joy like getting water, just through intellectual joy.a�? We put our ownera��s name Yu Xiang into the B&Ba��s name as well. Moreover, there is another story about Yujoy House. When Mr. Yan Changsheng found out that the previous owner of a�?Jam-Ping Old Cottage,a�? the original name of the house, is going to sold the B&B and retired, he asked if the advertisement celebrity Yu Xiang, who is also from Taitung, could help the local aborigines to practice a return plan for their dream hometown. Therefore, in July 2007, Yu Xiang became the new owner of the B&B, and he commissioned a public welfare platform to take over the operations. He officially renamed the B&B as a�?Yujoy Housea�? and repaired some parts of it. The housekeepers of the house are young people from the return plan. With professional training, the young housekeepers now can fully provide guests with high-quality accommodation and services.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Yujoy Housea��TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Yujoy Housea��TaiwanDay

Tasting the beautiful scenery of mountain and sea

As the B&B says, a�?Feel the wind from the Pacific Ocean, look at the mist of King Kong Hill, and find peace at the junction of blue and green.a�? This is the portrait of spending your vacation at Yujoy House. The B&B considerately lay out some wooden stacks, hoping that guests may have more contact with the world outdoors. You can play water in the pond full of spring, or walk into the camphor forest to enjoy the coolness of the tree shades. If you wish to walk around more, you may go into the terrace to explore, walking on the ridge and making yourself completely surrounded by green. This kind of view is just like a movie scene. Why not slow down your footsteps and have a good taste of this wonderful time.

Enjoy such a tranquil moment

This B&B was based on exposed concrete and supported by some wood and metal. With an amazing space configuration, people in the B&B may have a wide-range eye view of the mountains and sea. This B&B is high and spacious. People here may easily find a surprising corner within a turn. From the small study on the first floor to the small balcony on the second floor, there are all places full of books. This makes people want to have a seat and spend some time reading. Every room here has a large window with a view of the coast. You may see the sun and the moon slowly rising from the sea every day. It is very poetic. The bathroom here is not very large, but the design is quite creative. We mix the exposed concrete with the original wooden frame, and accompanied with some colorful rinse cups. Also, the color of the walls changes in different rooms. The room color of my friends and I are sky blue and mustard green, which is very eye-catching. We have no interference from the TV here. Each room has only one audio speaker, so you can find the music CD you like on the shelf. What you can do is to have a song, relax, and listen. Or you can have a cup of tea in the glass curtain restaurant, and enjoy the warm drinks while watching the terraced landscape outside the window.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Yujoy Housea��TaiwanDay