Youjian yi chuiyan Restaurant

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A remote and mystical realm of Zen

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Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Youjian yi chuiyan Restauranti??TaiwanDay

A large a�?five-yena�? rock to greet visitors

Walk up the stone steps from the parking lot and take in the surrounding lush, tranquil forest. A large round rock which resembles a five Japanese yen coin stands beside the middle part of the stairway, greeting guests as they enter the premises. According to the owner, the pronunciation of a�?five yena�? in Japanese is similar to the Japanese term for a�?meeting and coming togethera�?. So he found a large round rock, carved it into the shape of a five Japanese yen coin, and placed it at the entrance of his restaurant as an auspicious way to welcome guests.

After you reach the top of the steps, you will see a Japanese-style main house which incorporates the style of Kyoto and architecture elements from the Chinese Tang Dynasty. The first and second floors are dining areas with red and black chairs and tables set upon tatami mats. Diners can enjoy the Japanese gardens outside through the French windows. When guests had finished their meals, they can follow the soft lights of paper lantern lane and reach the corridor just outside of the main house. Here guests can relax and appreciate the beauty of the natural environment as they enjoy tea and pastries.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Youjian yi chuiyan Restauranti??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Youjian yi chuiyan Restauranti??TaiwanDay

Walk to the wood deck beside the garden pond and look back towards the main house. Admire the beautiful image of the house and its reflection in the water. This restaurant is like a fantastic zen garden hidden within the mountains. And since it is located high in the mountains, there are often light drizzles near dusk, which adds another layer of mystery to the wonderland. This place offers a simple, elegant tranquility that is perfectly unique. Each twig, stone, pavilion, every bowl of soup, set of pastries or delicacies are worth taking time to savour each and every detail. This is the kind of extraordinary pleasure you can only experience when the food you taste speaks to your soul.

The pastry I enjoyed this time was the chefa��s homemade millefeuille. The filling is made with Taiwanese basil seeds and homemade brandied cherries. Each bite presents a rich creamy flavor and a surprising mouth feel. The wonderful pastry was paired with local in-season fruit and Japanese-style grilled mocha with sesame paste.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Youjian yi chuiyan Restauranti??TaiwanDay