Yoou Shan Grand Hotel

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0.8 Holiday Philosophy

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Nowadays while people are pursuing little happiness, which rises a�?Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS),a�? they might spend all their time and energy on works, family, having dinner together with friends and playing together with children to balance work life and family life. It is anA�equationA�forA�happiness in life and that is what a�?Yoou Shan Grand Hotela�? team wishes for. Taking LOHAS as the hotel operation principle, they hope that a traveler can enjoy the mountains and trees surrounded. At the same time, as a reminder, 0.8 life philosophy of the hotel does not fill up all your time.

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A new sightseeing landmark in Town

Driving from Provincial Highway No. 21 into Puli basin, seeing a remarkable 16 th -floor building with an Eiffel Tower modeling on the top, Yoou Shan Grand Hotel has become a focus of Puli township. It can be said that it is a new landmark. In addition, Yoou Shan Grand Hotel is designed by a chairman of Yoou Shan construction company, Qiu Ming Wu, with his unique aesthetics and vision. He believes that Puli township is a treasured place with beautiful mountains, fresh water, and fresh water, but lacks large-scale international hotels for a long time. With the idea of a�?Take from Puli, use in Puli,a�? it took years to construct since he hopes to entirely increase the tourism competitiveness of Puli by the newly built hotel.

For the hotel staff, they are mostly born in Puli or they used to graduate from here.Hence, you can say each of them is a tourism ambassador of Puli. If you want to know where to have delicious snacks or secret tourist attractions for the local only, just ask them!

In addition to the staff, from a welcome pine tree outside the hotel to the ingredients used in the restaurant, they all came from the local area or the nearby mountains. Perhaps the most curious thing belongs to the pine tree at the gate! Many guests are curious about the welcome pine tree and wonder how it can be grown at sea level. It is because this great treasure of the store has been cultivated for years so that it can gradually acclimatize to a higher temperature at low altitude by moving from high altitude every year and grow tall and well. The pine tree moving from high mountains stands out like a king among broad-leaved street trees and stilly looks after travelers with its proud posture.

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Yoou Shan Grand Hoteli??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Yoou Shan Grand Hoteli??TaiwanDay

Soothing Artstone Cats Theme Rooms

Compared to the nearby hotels, Yoou Shan Grand Hotel has established relatively complete hardware facilities such as outdoor swimming pool, warm hydrotherapy pool, fitness center, sky garden, Huanyu theater, KTV and banquet hall. To the accommodation which guests attach great importance, the hotel has 3300 square meters of space with only 76 rooms, leaving most of the space for guests to relax with a wide field of view. The rest of space in the blank can be fulfilled with memories.

There are four rooms with a major theme of a�?Artstone Catsa�? designed by the hotel and Henry Cats & Friends, decorating in sakura, circus, ocean, and music respectively. Each door of different themed rooms paints with elaborate Artstone Cats. After entering, whether it is on a wall, ceilings, a bathroom and even mugs and pillows etc., you can see images of cute and healing art stone cats. The hotel expects to provide people a deep healing energy by giving a warm image of Artstone CatsA�in response to the mood of peopleA�longingA�for a company. No matter parents and children, friends, family, they all can be full of happiness.

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Yoou Shan Grand Hoteli??TaiwanDay