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Yilan is usually a nice place for the whole family from Taipei to visit. The chef of Yong-Fong Fresh Seafood Restaurant in Sua��ao always cooks seafood as soon as he nets it from the aquarium. Every dish is fresh; every bite is amazing. The locals praise this restaurant for its tasty food.

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20-year-old Restaurant Earning Its Fame

Those who live in Yilan and love seafood are familiar with 20-year-old Yong-Fong Fresh Seafood Restaurant. It originated from famous Yong-Fong Diner, now mainly selling selective and fresh seafood. The restaurant had been in Nanfana��ao, later on, moved to the present location in Sua��ao, where the space is bigger and more comfortable. However, the owner of the restaurant is still selective to ingredients and cooking skills; thus although Yong-Fong Fresh Seafood Restaurant moved the location, its customers do not decrease but increase. Earning localsa�� hearts, ita��s a restaurant being visited again and again by tourists. Additionally, it got reported by the media such as Liberty Times, Super Taste and China Times Weekly.

Netting Seafood Right Before Cooking, Meaning Fresh

When coming here, customers can hardly ignore the piles of aquariums, in which fresh seafood is available for consumers to choose and then the chef will take it to cook colorful, aromatic and tasty courses. a�?The point of eating fresh seafood is to taste its freshness rather than condiments that are just initiators to freshness. Only fresh seafood gets a great texture.a�? The owner of the restaurant said proudly, a�?As long as ingredients are fresh enough, courses are yummy. Besides, cooking without over-flavoring food fits health principles of modern people.a�?

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Yong-Fong Fresh Seafood Restauranta��TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Yong-Fong Fresh Seafood Restauranta��TaiwanDay

Menu for Today (for 10 people, with 5% service fee)

Note: some ingredients and food will change with the seasons, served with rice and fruit.

Sashimi Platter:
This is a platter with two to three kinds of fresh sashimi. Sliced marlin and skipjack tuna are fresh and have a sweet taste. They are also tender and a little bit chewy, so tasty. The texture and taste of preserved duck egg and flying fish roes on the small plate are amazing. You shouldna��t miss it.

Japanese Crab Meat Platter:

The platter consists of crab meat, small abalones and fish roes. Rosy crab meat has a delicate and chewy texture; it is fresh and sweet. Small abalones are smooth, tender and a little bit chewy. The chef uses roes in season; they are crunchy and full of a delightful smell. After chewing, diners will get a lip-smacking aftertaste.

Free-Range Chicken & Scallop Broth:
The chef selects the best silky fowl, scallops, fresh mushrooms and ten other ingredients to stew this broth. When the dish is served on the table, the pleasant smell comes from the steam of the broth, giving diners appetites. The color of the broth is clear; the chicken is tender and a little bit chewy rather than tough or dry. This is a must-eat course for diners.

Steamed Salty Fresh Sand Shrimps:
Fresh big sand shrimps are steamed in the pot. This course requires accurate cooking temperature and time; more or less temperature and time will affect the flavor. When customers eat sand shrimps that are simply salted, the taste original flavor of fresh shrimps and the feeling of its chewy texture will keep consumers eating.

Simmered Fresh Crab & Crystal Noodles:
In every kind of banquet, crab is often an attraction on the table, especially this simmered fresh crab and crystal noodles. When taking two big mud crabs away, you can see smooth crystal noodles absorbing much stock. Furthermore, the secret simmering recipe of Yong-Fong brings curry smell into the food, giving you a flavorful taste. This is another best-seller here.

Stir-fried Mola Mola:
Known as ocean sunfish, mola mola is known to have rich collagen. We stir-fry the head of mola mola. The tender meat has a snowy look. When eating it, you can feel the crunchy and delicate texture. Ita��s not the same with the jelly-like texture that we knew before. If you hold the meat in your mouth, ita��ll turn sticky, proving that it contains rich collagen. This course is very popular among females.


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