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Being 36 years old, Mr. Cheng worked as a stir fry chef. His career hit a wall, so he decided to work with his dad to sell vegetables at a market. It had been 6 months before he started to think seriously about opening his own restaurant, but he and his wife had just bought a house; there wasna��t much cash on hand. With his parentsa�� and father-in- lawa��s support, he started off by selling street food, which lasted a bit longer than 3 years.

Complimentary private specialty side dishes

Just like many new businesses, their street food stand was losing money. His father- in-law then offered them a piece of land measuring about 6,000 square meters to lease cheaply, where he opened Lailai Seafood Restaurant. He is extremely grateful that his father-in- law has kept faith in him and would never forget what he has done to support him.

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Lailai Seafood Restauranti??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Lailai Seafood Restauranti??TaiwanDay

At Lailai, you can order your dishes 2 different ways. One is a la carte, and just order the dishes you like. The other one is prix fixe for a party of 10. Customers can choose 2 dishes. The chef will take care of the rest. They will design the menu for you. Besides, Mr. Cheng likes to treat his customers with their private specialty side dishes (not for sale) free of charge. Everyone who has tasted them cana��t stop praising how delicious they are. At that day I was lucky enough to get to taste the house special preserved cabbage and the stinky tofu, I was so speechless that I could only thank him with a thumbs-up sign.

Two ways to enjoy the fresh fish:

I was amazed to see how big the fish was when they are served on the table. Mr. Cheng insists on using Ghana fish, commonly known as a�?red snapper.a�? They are shipped directly from Penghu, and then arrive in their kitchen via special delivery. One of the two dishes is sashimi. (If you are afraid of tasting raw fish, you can have it deep fried with salt and pepper instead.) The other dish is fish soup, which including miso flavor, hot pot style, or the flavor of the chefa��s specialty. Sashimi made of Ghana fish is firm and has the chewy texture that Taiwanese people like. Its mellow flavor is absolutely addictive. Sashimi doesna��t keep for long, so enjoy it within an hour for its best taste and quality.

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Lailai Seafood Restauranti??TaiwanDay