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The New Joy of the Sense

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Take Cooking as Art

a�?More or Less Private Royal Restauranta�? in Luodong is a famous Omakase menu restaurant in Yilan. The simple interior decoration provides a calm and comfortable atmosphere. The considerate service also makes people delighted. The chef, Wen Bing Huang, has been in the catering industry for more than twenty years. He operated a Taiwanese stir-fried restaurant at first. After he joined the Chinese gourmet Association and participated in so many cooking competitions, he realized that the modern dietary culture can be combined with art. Food can be more exquisite. Therefore, he redecorated the restaurant and invented new dishes. He abandoned the Taiwanese cuisine cooked with soy sauce, Basil, shacha sauce and garlic. Present the food in the original, fresh, creative and delicate way. The guests can experience the brand new enjoyment.

Be Meticulous Even About the Tableware

The wood lover owner used lots of wood to decorate the restaurant. The thick woody table makes the atmosphere comfortable and calm. He put lots of efforts on preparing everything, including the pottery, wood, porcelain plates, cup set…etc. Each of them is top shelf product. a�?Good tableware will enhance the food and makes the guests feel honored,a�? he said. This is so called a workman must sharpen his tools if he wants to do his work well. 90% of the dishes are hand-made. He supervises every detail to deliver his persistence and insistence to the guests and share good food to people.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - More or Less Private Royal Restauranti??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - More or Less Private Royal Restauranti??TaiwanDay

Menu of the Day Omakase Menu

*The Ingredients and Recipe Varied by Seasons
Handmade Peanut Tofu: Handmade peanut tofu, which is different from traditional tofu, grinds peanut juice from pure peanut, adding rice flour and corn starch, completely free from other food additive, and insist on providing fresh food, so that visitors can taste the best taste.

Comprehensive Sashimi: Including hand roll that contains smoked salmon and salmon roes, crab stick with lettuce, neritic squid and cuttlefish roll, amaebi and other seasonal sashimi. With homemade appetizing vinegar which is put in a Japanese kiyomizu. Those gorgeous cups add an extra point for the vinegar.

Curry Soft-Shell Crab: After frying the soft-shell crab, pour the chef’s special curry sauce. Eat it with the milk toast which is made by the local bakery. When you put the toast and soft-shell crab into your mouth, you can feel the soft and crispy taste at the same time. Moreover, the greasy feeling will be neutralized, which is quite surprising.


Beancurd Noodles with Dried Laver: People will start to wonder how to eat this colorful beancurd noodles as it is served. This is a hand roll which is served by table service. The staff take out fresh slices of dried laver and wrap potatoes, yellow sweet pptatoes, purple sweet potatoes, seasoning, and salad in it. Then sprinkle some colorful beancurd noodles to make the hand roll more interesting and tasty.

Anka Pork Rib: This dish is made in the American way. Roast the pork rib first, pouring on the homemade anka, then roast it again for half an hour. The taste of anka will be absorbed by the pork rib. The tender and fresh ribs have a unique charming aroma of anka.

Japanese Hokke: The seafood varies from seasons, so customers can taste different fish dishes. This time we chose Japanese hokke. Roast it to taste the fresh and sweet of the fish. Even the string bean roll with bean curd skin beside tastes so delicious that can make you smile.

Rice with Abalone:Stir fry small mustard, garlic slices with rice. Put it in an an exquisite pottery bowl with Zhuang-wei pumpkin, Su-ao flying fish eggs and abalone. Just looking at it will make people slobber, not to mention the taste is so delicious that makes people want to have more.

Assorted Mushroom Hot Pot: The ingredients change on irregular basis, including stokvis, miso soya milk, traditional herbal or curry. Add some mushroom, seafood of the day and vegetables and cook them together. The portion will be quite enough and nutritious.


Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - More or Less Private Royal Restauranti??TaiwanDay