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Sealuv has run as a homestay for a successful 11 years. Its fresh seafood dinners, which are for reservation only, also gained fine reputation with its former guests spreading the words around. Now, many people come for the food even if they can’t book a room. Owing that the seafood comes freshly from the fish market every day, the restaurant closes whenever the port is closed. Moreover, the restaurant purchases just enough amount of seafood for the reserved guests. For those who showed up suddenly at the door, the owner can only ask them to return another day with an apology.

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The dinner at Sealuv insists on bringing out the original taste of seafood. Therefore it applies the Japanese way of cooking, using the least sauce as possible. The owner of says that the ingredients used for dinner are brought back from the fish port every 2 or 3 p.m. Therefore, what you get here is not cuisines, but the flavor of the ingredients themselves. Furthermore, with the chef’s great skills and precise control of the fire demonstrated on high quality, professional kitchenware which costed millions of New Taiwanese Dollars, the seafood here is presented at its best. “This is food that even ourselves are touched to taste. We believe that that this genuineness will be delivered to every guest.” Moreover, the restaurant works with local farmers, ensuring that guests get the freshest seasonal fruits and vegetables, including green bamboo shoots, guavas, wax apples…etc. In order to purchase certain ingredients, it is often that the owner has to search through two or three fish markets and traditional markets.

Beautiful night new, perfect atmosphere

It is highly recommended that those reserve for dinner arrive earlier and take a stroll along the beach in front of the homestay. Besides the surfers from the Wushi Harbor’s north bank, there are also paragliding visitors from the hills behind the homestay. It is utterly romantic to take a walk on the beach in the evening with the sunset. After the sunset and dinner is ready, listen to the owner’s vivid introductions to the fishes while enjoying dinner and appreciating the night view through the windows. It’s even more spectacular when it’s full moon. The moonlight scatters on the surface of the ocean, creating a shimmering and charming bright golden reflection.

Taiwan Travel:Delicacy - Sealuv Homestay|TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel:Delicacy - Sealuv Homestay|TaiwanDay

Today’s menu NT$890/ person + 10% service fee (dinner)

Featured Toucheng Township seafood double dish:

Seaweed freshly picked by local fishermen served with cucumbers and sliced yam. Drenched with Japanese vinegar, the dish tastes sweet and sour, smooth and refreshing.

Mixed sashimi plate:

A variety of sashimi is served according to the season. There are Sakura shrimp, flying fish, oval squid, cold water shrimp, spear shrimp and rouge shrimp…etc.

Japanese steamed eggs:

Cooked with fresh cold water shrimp, clams, bonito sauce, and mushrooms. It tastes soft, smooth, smells decent, and melts on the tongue.

Seasonal vegetable salad:

Sweet local grown tomatoes, Taiwanese pineapple, and seasonal vegetables drenched with Japanese dressing. The dish is sweet and refreshing. Due to the change of season, there are sometimes fresh water bamboo shoots.

Grilled fish:

This dish is the main course of the night. A whole Rosy Seabass grilled in top quality griller in only three minutes. The fish doesn’t need any seasoning. The meat with its original soft and juicy texture is unforgettable. No wonder so many gourmets come especially for this fish.

Grilled fresh seafood:

Grilled squid and shrimps. Chewy, fresh and delicious.

Taiwan Travel:Delicacy - Sealuv Homestay|TaiwanDay