Characterized guest rooms

Overall environment★★★★★
Lodging environment★★★★
Food and beverages★★★★


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Is there a fortress in Hualien? Yes, you are not mistaken. However, the fortress is nothing like what we read in martial-arts novels. Instead, a family of three generations lives happily here. What’s the same, however, is that the family also transports by horse, just like that in the fictions. Mr. Chang Wei-guei, also known by the neighbors as Brother Ma, is the owner to the fortress. The Chinese name of the fortress is Yihe Ching Chai. The name of the fortress carries several meanings. First of all, for Yihe, it comes from a Chinese idiom which means peacefulness, solidarity, and collaboration. As for “Ching,” it is the Chinese character for metal, which is one of the five elements in Chinese philosophy. Brother Ma picked metal among the other four elements because the fortress facing west, which in the Chinese philosophy, is represented by metal. As for Chai, it is the character that carries the meaning of a fortress.

Brother Ma has been fond of horses since childhood. He has been raising them for over 16 years. If you ever see someone riding a horse on the County Highway 198 in Hualien, that can be no other but Brother Ma. He has a passion for forestation, which is why he grows as least 100 trees every year. The hills are covered with trees around Yihe, among which you can find more than 20 kinds of fruits. Yihe Fortress was designed according to the Book of Changes and the five elements of Chinese philosophy. Such arrangements coherent to philosophy and nature may be why every breath you take here is extremely comfortable and relaxing.

Taiwan Travel:Hotel - Yihe Fortress│TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel:Hotel - Yihe Fortress│TaiwanDay

Characterized guest rooms

There are three buildings for accommodation at Yihe, each designed in a different style. The guest rooms were designed with a different concept based on a certain animal sign according to the Chinese zodiac. Guests are welcomed with the scenery of the valleys in the first building, while in the second, the double deck room provides an extravagant feeling as if dwelling in the woods. Last but not the least, the third building, located at the highest point of Yihe, is where guests are to take in the full scenery of the fortress and its surrounding view. Which would you prefer? It’s your choice!


No-menu cuisine
(Open to non-overnight guests, reservation is required.)
Service hours: 17:30 to 20:00

The owner’s wife calls their dinner “some simple dishes.” However, these simple dishes are not at all simple. Designed according to the five elements of Chinese philosophy, the dishes here look like colorful artworks. Moreover, she insists on using mustard seed oil and homegrown vegetables only, so as to ensure that all meals are healthy and fresh.

Salt-crusted fish:

Taiwanese sea bream fish raised by spring water baked in a thick salt crust. The crust seals in the juice. The sweetness and freshness of the fish are released when you crack open the salt crust.


Born and raised on organic farms, the chicken is juicy and chewy. It is forgettable.

Mushroom and which water snowflake:

White water snowflake fried with mushrooms, it is a healthy vegetarian dish.

Taiwan Travel:Hotel - Yihe Fortress│TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel:Hotel - Yihe Fortress|TaiwanDay

Mushroom and baby cabbage:

Simple but delicious – mushrooms fried with fresh baby cabbage.

Sichuan spicy stinky tofu:

Brother Ma was one the chef of a western restaurant at National Donghwa University. He has perfect gastronomic skills including Tagine-style Sichuan spicy stinky tofu. This dish is definitely not to be missed!

Braised pork with plums:

This dish is cooked at an extremely high temperature so as to seal in the juice of the pork. The meat melts in the mouth and is not at all greasy to consume.

Marinated eggs with pumpkin:

This is a Shanghai cuisine which fried pumpkin with marinated eggs. The texture is soft and the flavor is sour.

Afternoon Tea

(Open to non-overnight guests, reservation is required.)
Service hours: 14:00 to 17:00
Homemade bread, fresh fruits, and fresh-pressed juice.


Service hours: 08:00 to 10:00
The owner and his wife have been running a breakfast store beside Shoufeng train station for 16 years, whose fine reputation has already been widespread. For guests at Yihe, they prepare the same breakfast to freshen up you for the day. There are fried eggs, toast with homemade jam, tuna jam, cheese, homemade cheesy rice cake, turnip cake, and hash browns. Menu changes every day.

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