Ya-Zhuo Hakka Restaurant

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Healthy Hakka cuisine

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A blend of Hakka and Fujian cuisine

The restaurant is located in Puli. You can see the signboard inscribed by famous calligrapher Wang Hao. The design of the place is exquisite and not usual; the courtyard with an orderly arrangement of vegetation, red brick walls, and handmade wooden window lattice all embody a fusion of Hakka and Fujian styles.

When you step into the restaurant and bump into an elegant old lady with a constant smile on her face. Then the lady must be the owner of the restaurant, who almost reaches seventy yearsa�� old. The Zhuo family was once in the construction business and hospitality industry. However, the operations of the hotel were suspended after the 921 Earthquake. The livelihood of employees was also in jeopardy. As a consequence, she decided to open a restaurant furnished with old furniture and antiques from her fallen house. More than ten years have passed, and the restaurant has enjoyed a great reputation among locals.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Ya-Zhuo Hakka Restauranti??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Ya-Zhuo Hakka Restauranti??TaiwanDay

Good flavors you will never get tired of

The owner is very particular about how to cook a dish, from selecting ingredients, cutting techniques, cooking methods, to seasoning. Besides, she overturns the idea of Hakka dish being strong and salty in flavor that most people would think of. Instead, she is devoted to providing healthy Hakka home-made dishes. Over the past years, not many dishes were added or deleted from the menu. The owner hopes that customers would go to her restaurant with the same idea of frequenting a roadside stand because they like a certain bowl of noodles or that particular marinated dish.

Recommended dishes

White-cut free-range chicken (small / NT$250): made in typical Hakka style with specially made kumquat sauce. The texture of the chicken is wonderful, especially with the sauce. Each chicken weighs about 4 kg, and half a chicken can be divided into three to four plates. A small portion is recommended if not too many people dining together.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Ya-Zhuo Hakka Restauranti??TaiwanDay