Wu-Meia��s Restaurant

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The Space Full of Art and Aroma

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Wu-Meia��s Restaurant, sitting near National Chung Cheng University and Minshyong Industrial Destrist in Chiayi, is a famous restaurant. Wu-Mei worked in the clothing industry in the early days. With the change of time and decline of the clothing industry, she moved to Chiayi, where is close to her family, to run a breakfast shop.

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Tasty, Interesting & Relaxing

She likes gardening so she combines dining space with the garden, art, European country groceries, Chinese Classic clothing made from cotton and hemp to create this European restaurant rich in her style. You can enjoy reasonable but delicate breakfast or tasty lunch and dinner in this large, cozy art space. After dining, you can walk in the garden or look at the clothing and groceries on 2F.

During meal times, pleasant parlour music is played in the restaurant. You can dine and chat with your family and friends; at the same time, you are able to view beautiful paintings on the walls. You can only experience such ultimate feast for five senses in Wu-Meia��s restaurant. When visiting Wu-Meia��s restaurant, you have to slow down to taste the delicate flavor.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Wu-Meia��s Restauranta��TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Wu-Meia��s Restauranta��TaiwanDay

Recommendations for Set Meals:

(Including appetizer, main course, dessert, fresh juice or tea, coffee, and fruit vinegar.) Some ingredients and courses will change with seasons.

Stewed Piga��s Feet (TWD 300): This dish containing piga��s feet, beer, rock sugar and soy sauce, we put them into pottery and stew them and longan charcoal with mild fire. Aromatic, tender stewed piga��s feet has a chewy skin and mushy texture. It smells good and tastes un-greasy at all. This attractive flavor is lip-smacking.

Pan-fried Norway Salmon (TWD 320): Sliced into thick pieces, the course has the attractive pink color. It has not only rich fat and delicate texture, but also mild flavor and few calories. When you eat it with our special mustard, the yummy and smooth taste is truly heavenly!

Marinated Pork Chops with Longan & Beijing Sauce (TWD 300): We marinate the pork chops and then stew them. The chops are stewed at least five hours to get the flavor. After that, we add longan and rock sugar to flavor the sauce. By doing that, we can give the chops unique aroma of logan and balance the flavor of the sauce, which makes those chops sweeter and enjoyable.

Deep-fried Fish in Tomato Sauce (TWD 320): It looks like a beautiful art. We slice the meat and lightly cut on the surfaces of those slices. After that, we deep-fry them to make them show the wonderful flower-like effect. Topped with chefa��s sauce made from fresh tomato, the deep-fried fish is crispy outside while the inside of it is soft and sweet.

Sesame Oil Chicken (TWD 320): We select the sesame oil coming from Beigang and the tender chicken thigh plus chicken wing as a set meal. After pan-frying sesame oil, slicing gingers and the chicken, we add cooking rice wine and stock to stew them. And then wea��ll add some goji berries, longang and jujubes to increase aroma and sweetness. The chicken is tasty; the broth is mild but delicious. Ita��s the best-seller in winter.


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