Wild Smoke Restaurant

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The legend of gourmet in the mountains

Get a taste of the rural flavors

Wild Smoke Restaurant is located in the heavenlike Shuanglian-pi mountains in Yilan. The antique building was made of local China fir and willow trees. In the courtyard, there is an eco-friendly pond and an arbor built with thatch, rocks, and dead wood. The plumes of smoke create a relaxing sentiment. The owner of the restaurant calls himself the “wild man.” His goal is to give every guest a chance of experiencing the rural lifestyle in early Taiwan and the genuine beauty of primeval nature.

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There are no menus here. All the food provided depends on the number of guests, and the ingredients the owners get on the day. Cooked with the most basic ways, the aim is to allow the original flavor to be tasted. The water they use to cook comes from the Snow Mountain. To be cooked with homegrown seasonal vegetables, chicken, and seafood delivered directly off the port in Yilan, no wonder every dish here is full of the sweetness and flavors of the nature. Even if you’re just here for a short break, a sip of coffee, a slice of cake, you can still taste the fabulous coffee brewed with the high quality clean waters from the mountains. Located beside a barrier dam, one can enjoy the meal while absorbing the magnificent landscape and the livelihood of rural villages. The traditional Taiwanese melodies singing of simplicity and tenderness are as if hovering in the air, making it even more tranquil and relaxed in the minds.

Today’s menu: (the menu and ingredient vary with season. The photo is a meal for two.)


Local grown chicken meat flavored with salt water. The texture is chewy, sweet, and juicy, not dry at all. It is recommended without extra seasonal. To enjoy the best flavors of the meat.

Asparagus and shrimp balls

a refreshing appetizer. Blanched asparagus and shrimps, served with alfafa sprouts and thousand island dressing. The dish is simple and delicious.

Taiwan Travel:Delicacy - Wild Smoke Restaurant|TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel:Delicacy - Wild Smoke Restaurant|TaiwanDay

Spanner crabs (Ranina ranina)

Fresh spanner crabs steamed, drizzled with scrambled eggs. The best way to eat it is to pick up the whole thing and dig in. The taste keeps on the fingers!

Roast ayu fish

Fresh ayu fish baked with sea salt and no other additional seasoning. Just peel off the skin, and you will find the sweet and delicious meat with a mild scent of salt. It’s exquisite and delicious.


White radish and pork rib soup

This carefully braised soup brings out the sweetness of the pork ribs with white radish. Have a taste of the juicy meat and the soup in one bite. Experience the beauty of the fine cuisine in the mountains.

Fried ginger and Okinawan spinach

Homegrown Okinawan spinach is a dish no guest will miss out on at Wild Smoke. It’s not only iron-rich, but hypotensive! This is an extremely health cuisine.


Taiwan Travel:Delicacy - Wild Smoke Restaurant|TaiwanDay