West Lake Restortopia

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Relish the park of forests!

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Covering around 0.6 square kilometers, the West Lake Restortopia is nothing like regular city hotels. It has a European garden, green valleys, hiking paths, and a forest. Arriving here is as if arriving at a forest paradise, where visitors have unlimited resources of Phytoncid to breathe in.

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Park of fairytales

At the resortopia, there are three types of accommodation to choose from: the Pine Garden House, the West Lake Resort Hotel, or the Dutch Wooden Houses. Moreover, there are plentiful leisure facilities as well as fairytale theme parks, for visitors to experience the stories created by Hans Christian Anderson while staying at the resortopia. There are the Fantasy World of Hans Christian Anderson, the Hope Castle, which is the theme for the Little Match Girl, the Butterfly Garden, which is the secret garden of the Thumbelina, the Luckiness Squire, which is the colorful underwater world, the Mermaid Palace, the Joyful Bubble Pool, the Mermaid World, etc. There are many multimedia hardware that introduces the world of Hans Christian Anderson to the visitors, which is suitable for families.

Excessively romantic Tung Blossom Suit

Guest rooms at the Pine Garden House are mostly for two. Located next to the European Gardens, there is a romantic view from the balconies. As for the West Lake Resort Hotel which is located inside the forest, it is designed with a strong European taste, whereas the classic guest rooms open up directly towards the natural scenery. The Dutch Wooden Houses with high ceilings such as the Dutch barns, where birds and flowers reside. The surrounding environment is extremely comfortable, and visitors can even hear the birds chirping in the woods. The Tung Blossom Suit is strikingly romantic, being decorated entirely with flowers. The most exciting part is the 20,000 artificial flowers blanketing the floor as LED lights glow through them. Room guests will be surrounded with flowers all year long.

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - West Lake Restortopia|TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Hotel - West Lake Restortopia|TaiwanDay

The resortopia has a park ample in space as well as natural resources. With the application of ecological engineering, the park is harmless to the environment and ecosystems. Butterflies hovering in the flower gardens make it feel like nothing but Utopia. From April to November every year, fireflies can be seen at night. Moreover, participate in the Insectarium, outdoors DIY classroom where you get the chance to paint your own bug-shaped piggybank or butterfly, make your own firefly-like lantern, and make a sand-painting of mermaids.

Other must-sees include the Victoria Hall, a building that preserves Hakka oil-paper umbrellas as well as the style of Master Lan-shan; the tunnel for prayers and wishes at the Ling-Shan Cave which style is designed according to Japanese households and Chinese religions; the Wild Field Playground where everything is made from sleeper wood; there is an Observatory Tower where visitors can take in the entire view of the park.

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - West Lake Restortopia|TaiwanDay