Wang Pei-Ren Veggi Food Studio

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Splendid Veggie Feast

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Dining in Wang Pei-Ren Veggie Food Studio is like watching a gorgeous show of veggie cuisine. Youa��ll experience an enormous enjoyment for the five senses here.

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Healthy Tasting Menu

Located near the entrance of Xianjiyan Hiking Trail, the studio is the place that Pei-Ren shares veggie food with diners. The indoor space is not big, so in order to let customers enjoy the best dining atmosphere, she can only accept reservations from two groups of customers. The studio provides tasting menu, which is not difficult for her to cook because as a person loving cooking, she thinks cooking is as natural as breathing and she has continuous creativity in cooking, and because shea��s just doing her favorite things. She said a�?As long as the ingredients are fresh enough, tasting the original flavor of the food is the best way to taste.a�? Therefore, instead of using processed condiments, the studio insists using the most natural way to flavor the food. All the food that you eat here, whether the cooking method is complicated or simple, is all cooked by her and her team in order to make every dish healthy, clean and yummy!

Antique Tableware Bringing out The Beauty of the Gourmet

She graduated from the art apartment in the college so she cooks like she is making a piece of art. She tries to make every detail perfect. She cares about the deliciousness of food and the tableware containing the food. Therefore, she uses her collection of the antique bowls and plates to contain the food. The antique bowls and plates are extremely valuable, but their aged simplicity can bring out the beauty of the food so that the flavors inside the food are more enjoyable for customers when they taste and chew. As for the food presentation and color, she presents them in a very skilled way, just like shea��s painting, every course presenting with the color of red, yellow, green, white, orange, etc. The colorful visual beauty enhances the taste of food. Having a veggie feast is like visiting the art museum. Ita��s unforgettable and memorable.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Wang Pei-Ren Veggi Food Studioi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Wang Pei-Ren Veggi Food Studioi??TaiwanDay

Todaya��s Special

Tasting Menu Priced TWD 1100 per Person
* Some ingredients will be changed with seasons.

Appetizer: Ita��s various, depending on the ingredients. Mashed Beans made from pine nuts, cashews, mushrooms and snow lotus, and wrapped with sliced cucumbers, the texture is like foie gras, delicate and crunchy. Butter Beans Stir-fried with Crown Daisies, Yilan Kumquat And Fresh Lettuce sprinkled with lemon juice and olive oil, theya��re all light and appetizing.

Peanut-Cashew-Sesame Tofu: The deep-fried, chopped burdock is crispy. Ita��s served with soft handmade tofu and sprinkled with the sauce made from the organic mashed radish, the seaweed and the organic soy sauce, having a complex flavor. When you eat it, the strong aroma of peanut emits. What an attractive taste.

Tomato Cup: This beautiful tomato cup is made of seasonal ingredients, including the organic Taiwanese cabbage from the mountain, water chestnuts, white cauliflower, lion’s mane mushrooms and mashed Chinese yam. Ita��s served with fresh tomato sauce. The flavor is sweet, tasty and unforgettable.

Baked Pumpkin: They remove the pumpkina��s seeds, hollow it out and stuff it with the lion’s mane mushrooms, white cauliflower, minced basils and mashed nuts to bake twice. Ita��s best eaten when ita��s still warm. Your mouth will be filled with the special aroma of basils. When youa��re chewing, the mushy pumpkin and fillings will give you the sweetness of fresh vegetables and the aroma of nuts. So tasty!

Seasonal Juice: Red seasonal juice is made from the pineapple, apple, banana and the organic beetroot. It tastes no earthy overtone and it will make you want to drink more.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Wang Pei-Ren Veggi Food Studioi??TaiwanDay