Wang’s Turnip Cakes

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The addictive traditional delicacy from Taichung

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Built in 1917, Taichung's Second Market is the oldest traditional market in the city. Japanese architecture remains in the plaza, with many longtime food stands now run by their second or third generation owners.

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From lad to grandpa

Located at the entrance of the Second Market, Wang's Turnip Cakes has been running business here for more than 30 years. There is little luck to avoid a long queue even coming during lunch hours, as it is normally crowded from 7 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. Regular customers say that Wang's products taste exactly as they were decades ago, including turnip cakes, rice sausages, tempura, and the soups. Many of the regular customers have enjoyed the same delicacies since their childhood, and are still getting them now. Some first came single, now they bring their grandchildren to the stand.

Turnip cakes here are just lightly fried, providing a more tender and creamy texture. If you'd prefer a more crisper flavor, just kindly ask the owner to keep it in the pan for an extra minute or two, and it will just be perfect. Rich in flavor, rice sausages taste best with Wang's special soy sauce – the most traditional way of having them. The Tempura soup is cooked with fresh turnips, tofu and meatballs. The sweetness of its natural ingredients is fully absorbed in the soup.

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Wang's Turnip Cakes|TaiwanDay