The best place for a marriage proposal

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Youa��d better book three months ahead!

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Wonderlusti??TaiwanDay

At the year-end celebration for Yang and Xiaoqiua��s hundred million dollar advertisement and design company, Yang suffered a fatigue induced breakdown and spent most of his new year vacation in the emergency room. a�?In flash I decided to let it go.a�? In 2008, Yang started his hostel in Hualien with the idea to treat guests like family, and Wonderlust soon rose to fame. Yang believes that hospitality is the reason for Wonderlusta��s high number of returning guests.

Yang recalled his first visit to the property, and its tall grass and great ocean view. Now there is a Gaudi-inspired building that Yang built from scratch. Wonderlust has seen more than 40 marriage proposals, and ita��s common to see people roll down their window for a snapshot. Even though the hostel is so popular that a reservation is often needed three months in advance, Yang and Xiaoqiu never forget their what they came for. a�?At sunrise, you can see the changing skies. After dark, you can see reflection of the moon on the ocean. Ita��s beautiful here.a�? Wonderlust is the first hostel to offer wheelchair accessible facilities.

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Wonderlusti??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Wonderlusti??TaiwanDay

Afternoon tea: 15:00-16:30

Wonderlusta��s generous breakfast puts a smile on guesta��s faces. Seasonal fruit is on offer, as are Hualiana��s famous Crispy Puff strawberry brownies, and homemade pudding made with free-range eggs, agar, and Reisui milk. To drink, try black tea with passion fruit.

Relax in the hanging lounge chair and enjoy the ocean view.

Xiaoqiu used to have to assistants when she was in the advertisement industry. Now, she does everything by herself. a�?If you run a hostel, you have to humble yourself.a�? The interior reflects Xiaoqiua��s unique design talent. Each room is equipped with a hanging lounge chair and balcony. The marine adventure themed a�?Discoverya�? VIP room is Wonderlusta��s most popular and is decorated in blue and white, with dA�cor elements such as a glass lamp, an anchor, and a lighthouse. The vast ocean view framed in the large window will be the most unforgettable scene of your trip. You may choose to stay in the green-themed a�?Pursuita�? room to embark on an air voyage, or the red-themed a�?Yearninga�? room to enliven your passion, or the purple-themed a�?Possessiona�? room to unleash your romantic imagination.

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Wonderlusti??TaiwanDay