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a�?Slow and Easy Rural Lifestylea�?

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Abundant Visual Surprises for You to Explore

Walking Chamil BnB is located at the countryside of Luo Dong. It has two symmetrical South France style buildings with peak roofs and red roofing tiles. Walls of these two building are made of stones presenting an oil-painting- like effect on the exterior. Walking Chamil BnB well represents a rural version of Tudor style architecture, especially the warm outlook that would vary according to light changing. Sometimes it appears as fresh and light yellow, sometimes it turns to a mellow pumpkin orange, and it could sometimes be an elegant sweet persimmon color. These amazing color changings provide visitors abundant visual surprises. Therefore, many visitors would stay here for 2 to 3 days, a consecutive period of time to enjoy the view without rush. Not only do they have the chance to see the natural light show, but also a time to experience the rural lifestyle here.

Beams of Walking Chamil BnB are made of Cypress wood taken down from previous old design of the house. Making old woods a new use helps create a vintage atmosphere. In addition, accompanying with an earth tone interior and furniture elevates the relaxing and comfortable feeling pervading in the house. Because owners of Walking Chamil BnB are addicted to the free and easy country style spirit, they want to present and share this kind of simple comfortableness to all visitors. The olive green open style kitchen has a tidy and clean white kitchen island and several wooden chairs aline against the wall. Wooden texture tiles paved on the floor also nicely enhance the casual and cozy feeling of the room. In such an attractive environment, no wonder visitors can start up a lovely chitchat with the owners while they are preparing meals.

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Walking Chamil BnBi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Walking Chamil BnBi??TaiwanDay

Diverse Room Design

Owners named all guest rooms after their family membersa�� names, letting visitors have the friendly feeling as if they are really stayed in ownersa�� family membersa�� rooms. Owners used all sorts of stones and wallpapers to form a rural feeling and collocated white, olive green, or wooden color bed frames with cotton floral bed sheets. These neat and comfy beds make people want to jump on at once when they first open the door. Spacious bathrooms are paved with different special selected tiles for each bathroom in the guest rooms in order to achieve a surprising feeling for every visitor. If youa��d like to experience something varied, you can choose to book rooms on the higher floor. There are cathedral ceilings, roof scuttles and attics on the higher floor guest rooms, which are the favorite rooms for family with children!


Afternoon Tea Time: PM3:00 ~ PM 5:00
Sitting in the graceful kitchen while having a glass of fresh juice as if spending some quality time in frienda��s house is absolutely restful and laidback. You can also have some snacks such as breadsticks made of Sakura shrimps from Nanfang-ao Port in Yilan county and steamy hot crispy green onion biscuits. You wouldna��t be able to resist the savory flavor of these tasty snacks.
Breakfast Time: AM8: 30 ~ AM9:00
Breakfasts in Walking Chamil BnB are ownersa�� handmade Chinese side dishes such as pork and pumpkin rolls, sautA� Mackerel, green onion scrambled eggs and so on. Accompanying with a big pot of sweet potato porridge, the breakfast here is so satisfying and excellent.

Taiwan Travel : Hotel - Walking Chamil BnBi??TaiwanDay