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Experience Kinmen’s charm

Overall environment  ★★★★
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Absorb mountainous and oceanic scenery in tranquility

Located in the Shanhou Village in Jinsha Township, the Visit Kinmen Guest House was constructed in a very typical Kinmen style, “San kai long”, which has one main hall, one front hall and two small front rooms. It was the first built among the 18 households to be built in the neighborhood, with a history tracing more than one hundred years back. The hostel is close to several tourist sports, including mountain tracks in the Kinmen National Park, Shishan (Mt. Lion) Howitzer Front, Mashan Observation Post and the bay. For travelers fond of the nature and quietness, this is the place where you can absorb the land and ocean all at once!

Sharing travel thoughts

Visit Kinmen was themed “travel, photography and postcards.” It provides package tours including photographic trips, scenic hiking adventures, and rich cultural tours. Hsu previously worked as a guide and team leader for photography tours. With that experience, he understands backpackers’ dreams: to explore deep into the traditional villages for photos. This is why he arranged for former visitors to share their experience in the villages with new-comers. Together they appreciate the architectural designs of the constructions and artisans’ incredibly delicate carvings. He also provides English guided trips!

Taiwan Travel:Hotel - Visit Kinmen Guest House|TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel:Hotel - Visit Kinmen Guest House|TaiwanDay

Understand the marvel of antique buildings

What exactly is the charm about antique buildings? In order to make visitors feel more connected to the building, the owner Mr. Hsu turned it into a convenient and functional household. There is even a OSIM massage couch in the guest rooms, in hope that visitors can get the most relaxation they need.


The guest house consists of four rooms, each themed with local seasons, demonstrating the beauty of Kinmen around the year. Outside the rooms is the courtyard, where guests can bathe in the sunshine on the chairs.

The Bird’s Lodge was constructed last year, within four-minute walking distance from the main guest house. There are five rooms at the Bird’s Lodge, two of which are duplex rooms for four, while the other three are twin rooms for two.

Taiwan Travel:Hotel - Visit Kinmen Guest House|TaiwanDay