The Perfect Spot to Enjoy Great Scenery and Hot Springs

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Uni-Resort Guguan is located at the entrance of Guguan Scenic Area, which is also the starting point of Central Cross-Island Highway. Situated between Dajia River and towering green mountains, the resort has 74 guestrooms and can accommodate large groups. The Mokas Restaurant(eZ�a???�?e�?a�?) on the first floor has a high ceiling dinning space that can seat 150 guests and offers local delicacies that changes seasonally. The restaurant is also equipped with conference rooms, KTV booths and an independent sixteen-table banquet room.

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At our resort you can also experience various kinds of spas and hot springs.Come rinse off your fatigue at the outdoor SPA. In the gender-separated and five-elements themed outdoor baths, guests can enjoy the tranquil mountain scenery during daytime and relax to the surrounding sounds of nature at night. Furthermore, the resort offers a series of guided tours during different seasons, giving the guests an opportunity to learn more about local ecology and/or go mushroom foraging and fishing. Come stay at Uni-resort Guguan and you will definitely leave satisfied.

The resort has 74 guestrooms (room types include two/four/six people per room).Guests can choose to have a mountain-view or river-view room, all of which are decorated with different themes, such as Taiya, cherry blossoms, maple leaves, springs, or forest. Guests can also enjoy hot spring baths in the stone baths in their own room.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Uni-Resort Guguani??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Uni-Resort Guguani??TaiwanDay

Diverse and Unique Delicacies

Mokas Restaurant(eZ�a???�?e�?a�?) (1F) offers a breakfast buffet with an array of healthy options, including vegetarian dishes, fresh fruit, Chinese congee, western breads, hash, bacon, German sausages, coffee, milk, soy milk and juices. The large windows of the high ceiling dining area offers full view of the green valley and river outside.

Places to Visit: Xiaolai Trail

The trailhead of Xiaolai Trail (full length: 903 m) is at Xiaolai Suspension Bridge, next to Guguan post office. The pavilion at the highest point of the trail can be reached in approximately 20 minutes, and another 20 minutes walk will take you to Guguan Suspension Bridge. This is an easy trail through the forest and over two suspension bridges.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Uni-Resort Guguani??TaiwanDay