28 Private Cuisine Workshop

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The origin of a�?28 Private Cuisine Workshopa�? goes back to the house number hanging on its front door.

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Head on the mountainous highway towards Wulai then turn right onto Quchi road and drive another 500m down the hill, where you will come across a small indistinct a�?28a�? on your right. Be sure to slow down when driving down as it can easily be missed. The entrance of the house is like a typical household, decorated with countless colorful decors such as porcelain figurines and paintings. Once in the house, ginger lilies in vases releases a nice flowery scent around the whole house.

Please phone ahead of time for your booking

The owner specifically recommends and designs the recipes. This all started after he made a switch from his tea business to creative cuisine. Mr. Xu says that he has a passion for cooking and focuses on the art form of creative cuisine, while maintaining the freshness of the ingredients. Little seasoning is added to the dishes and he makes the color, aroma, art, taste and shape of the dishes as vivid as possible. The garnishes such as parsley and dill are all organically grown by the ownera��s wife, on the balcony of the household.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - 28 Private Cuisine Workshopi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - 28 Private Cuisine Workshopi??TaiwanDay

Dining there is like a family reunion; a large table with rosemary tea readily sits at the center to welcome the diners. The menu is hand-written and sits on the table with each table seating at least 4 people, while the largest seats 16. 28 Private Cuisine Workshop only accepts phone reservations where Mr. Xu will clarify with you on the number of diners and the dishes of choice. He will also record their visit, so that next time when diners arrive again, he can provide a different menu with new choices to select from.

The mango salmon roe is a colorful green and red dish of perilla with parsley topped with salmon roe. The dill scallops look like a dessert at first but it is actually scallops wrapped in scallop paste. Roasting of the dill gives it a tan color while the green dallop on top is wasabi, which is not too strong for your sinuses. A�Lotus roots on the bottom are boiled with Chinese knotweed to retain. Its sweetness makes it a blackish color.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - 28 Private Cuisine Workshopi??TaiwanDay