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Combo meals attract youngsters
A long-standing Cantonese restaurant, the Three Coins has been in business for over 40 years. Located at the bustling center in Taipei, it once served as a favorite for people in the politics and financial industry. Several presidents and head of counties have dined at the Three Coins. Many visitors came especially for its food. On the exterior walls of the six-story building displays the work of the renown calligrapher Chi Chi-yun, illuminated with colorful LED lights in the background, becomes a magnificent piece of street art at night. In aim to allow youngsters a chance to experience traditional Cantonese culinary, the restaurant offers NT$580 combo meals including a typical Cantonese pork dish known by the name “tiger’s paw”, and simmered chicken soup. Commenting on the restaurant’s food, a senior staff said with pride that “our quality is just different from that offered at regular chain restaurants.”

One and only: unique flavors
Once student to the eminent calligrapher and artist Chang Ping-huang, the restaurant’s owner Chiu Jing-hei determined to build a the dining area elegant and poetic. Apart from ubiquitous antiques and artworks, the calligraphies printed on the glass table mats are brilliantly shrewd. Precious paintings signed collectively by several famous artists hang on the walls in the rooms, creating a sublime and not tacky atmosphere. Chiu brings the chefs to Shanghai and Hong Kong to try out new flavors from time to time. Integrating the essence of western and eastern cuisine, establishing its one-of-a-kind Cantonese culinary. Many restaurants have come to follow its trend, but have failed to duplicate its flavors with precision. Chiu expects her children to inherit the restaurant, pass on the classic tastes that have years kept regular customers intact, while deliver fresh energy to the old brand.

Taiwan Travel:Delicacy - Three Coins dim sum restaurant|TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel:Delicacy - Three Coins dim sum restaurant|TaiwanDay

Today’s menu
Gratinated papaya with seafood (NT$300): Bet you’ve never tried papaya grilled! Under the melted hot cheese are abalone, scallops, shrimps, etc. The marvelous taste is unforgettable! This is some Taiwanese entertainers’ favorite dish!

Farmer’s Four Treasures with pumpkin (NT$480)

This is an improved version of a local dish “Farmer’s Four Treasures” a member of the restaurant tried in China. The apperance of this dish is joyful, and it’s health as well. Steamed pumpkin simmered with lily, gingko, sweetened red beans, pearl barley, and mushrooms. The restaurant maintains a number of 120 pumpkins in the kitchen around the year. The chef checks whether they’re ripened every day, offering this limited dish.

Cherry Valley Duck (two ways NT$1,500)

Cherry Valley Duck from Yilan. Tender meat with caramel-colored crispy skin melt on the tip of the tongue. There are other two-ways or three-ways including fried duck bones to choose from.

Gratinated lobster with Cantonese broth (seasonal price)

a masterpiece for banquet culinary. Lobsters with tender meat, and a sweet scent from butter. Served with noodles absorbed with traditional Cantonese broth is another highlight.


Taiwan Travel:Delicacy - Three Coins dim sum restaurant|TaiwanDay