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Relax in the tranquility of Jiang Nan lifestyle.

Overall environment★★★★
Food and beverages★★★★

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The highest building at The One is its southern building, constructed with Fukien red bricks and Taiwanese Cypress wood. It is built in resemblance to a three-way compound – lobby on the first floor, guestrooms in the buildings to the left and right, balcony with grand view on the second floor, while main bedrooms located on the third floor. Overlooking the landscape on the balcony, guests will be immersed in endless green and refreshing breeze coming from the mountains. Currently on the side buildings are libraries and exhibition hall. Moreover, a beautiful foundation lies behind the main building, creating another spot to let imagination run free.

Mr. Wang Tiwu, the founder of the United Daily News, first came up the idea in 1983 which he then asked Prof. Han Pao-teh to design it for his personal life after retirement. The building combined traditional Chinese, Fukien and Hakka style.

Later in 2008, the UDN entrusted The Once to redecorate the place and transform it into a hotel. The One was shortly reopened to the public by the end of the year.

The buildings and the gardens in The One are mainly made of cypress wood and decorated with carved Camphor wood. All of the carvings have a meaning, some tell of ancient Chinese legends, while others are symbols believed to bring happiness and joy.

Taiwan Travel:Hotel - The One (Nanyuan)│TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel:Hotel - The One (Nanyuan)│TaiwanDay

Traditional buildings, Fukien-style bridges, carvings and the landscape at The One create a relaxing atmosphere as if you have wandered into a back garden in Jiang Nan, one of the most beautiful and cultural areas in mainland China.

Chin-ing Pavilion on the second. The style, pattern, and technique of the wooden carving of this building are extremely different from that of the others. There are flowers and birds, dragons and phoenix, as well as carved filial drawings. The One’s gift shop is located at the Chin-de Hall and Chin-ing Pavilion. There are also conference rooms where companies can book for meetings. Behind Chin-de Hall, there is another fountain. Guests are welcome to promenade along the green corridor and observe the fish in the pool.

From the buildings to the lake, there are a bamboo garden, an orchid garden, and a sweet olive garden. Different kinds of bamboo are grown in the bamboo garden for guests to observe; the orchid garden locates just beside the lake with a fine view to go perfectly with afternoon tea. As for the sweet olive garden, there is a tourist center on the first floor, where visitors can find useful information regarding the facilities and maps of The One, as well as locally culinary; on the second floor there is a handcraft workshop.

The One is not only suitable for one-day tours. It also provides exquisite rooms for accommodation, as well as delicious meals made from local and seasonal ingredients which are currently only available for house guests. House guests may enjoy the fine landscape The One has to offer, as well as private and refreshing peace.
Lunch at Shuei-feng Restaurant

*Menu content may be changed by season.

Taiwan Travel:Hotel - The One (Nanyuan)│TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel:Hotel - The One (Nanyuan)│TaiwanDay

Guava Tea:
Hot water poured over dried guava slices goes perfectly with its spring menu.

Appetizer – Kumquat delights:
Shrimp and chicken with kiwis and kumquat sauce, roasted duck with fresh oranges and kumquat sauce, and mozzarella cheese with tomatoes and chef’s special sauce. Kumquat sauce is made from local grown kumquats, adding refreshing depth to the dishes. Tomatoes served with cheese and chef’s special sauce creates a unique and complex flavor.

Soup – Chicken soup with vegetables:
Chicken slowly cooked for over 14 hours, until its sweetness and flavor are all released into the soup. There are several kinds of vegetable in the soup, including carrot, mushrooms, Chinese yam and many other seasonal greens. The dish is soothing, warming and also healthy.

Main course – Tea-soaked chicken with vegetables and homemade tofu:
Tea-soaked and persimmon flavored chicken goes perfectly with rice steamed with plums. For the side, the chef prepares fried fresh homemade tofu drizzled with chef’s special sauce, and cold sweet beans dipped in kumquat sauce.

Dessert – Sweet white fungus soup

Tea House afternoon tea
One tea & five desserts
*Dessert menu may be changed by season

Sour desserts – Homemade sesame meat roll, scone with hot Hakka kumquat chocolate jam:
Hot homemade scones dipped in the special local jam bring out the aroma of kumquat as well as the sweetness of chocolate!

Sweet desserts – The One homemade biscuits, sweet potato and peanut cookies, and red beans mocha tart:
Homemade cookies include red yeast cookies and sesame cookies. Deep fried sweet potato wrapped pastry, to dip with Fu-yuan peanut butter, milkshake and sago sauce; red bean and almond mocha tart with sweet dumplings.

Drink – Oriental Beauty Tea

Taiwan Travel:Hotel - The One (Nanyuan)│TaiwanDay