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Sipping Coffee in a Boat

With the wide open view to the enchanting landscape of Kao Mei Wetland, this special cafe lets you drink a cup of coffee and have some refreshments in a boat.

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With an unbeatable view, The Boat Cafe is built by the creative hands of the owner, Mr. Yan Chun-Tsai, from drift wood, old furniture, antique tables and chairs and a grandmaa��s post bed. In his imaginative mind, the picture of Kao Mei Wetland is not
complete without the element of a boat and a place to rest, have a sip of coffee and enjoy the fantastic view. Thus, the idea of combining the elements of boat and coffee was born.

He bought two salvage boats through a friend and set up the boats on the second floor of the building along the dike line. His guests are served inside the boat or on the deck and treated to the endless view of the coast, varied by rows of wind turbines, flocks of migratory birds, rising and receding of tides and the fantastic colors of the sunset. TV drama, The Way Home, a PTS production, filmed at The Boat Cafe once. Part of the sets is left in the cafe and opens to the fans for photos.

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - The Boat Cafei??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - The Boat Cafei??TaiwanDay


French-style Pork Ribs Set Meal A�: Pork ribs are marinated in the chefa��s special sauce overnight and grilled to seal the juice inside of the meat. Grilling cuts down the grease of meat and brings out the aroma of the marinate soaked in the pork. The meat is tender but not mushy and the special side dishes complete the satiating meal.

Afternoon Tea – German Sasuage Roll + Beverage : This light refreshment set offers an option for afternoon beside the sweet pastries. The soft roll is grilled with German sausage and cheese. No one can resist such temptation.

Fruit Platter : A plate of fresh seasonal fruits is served with fun fruit carvings and colorful decorations that make the fruits look delicious. This is a not-to- miss delight for summer time.

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - The Boat Cafei??TaiwanDay