Taitung Cultural Excursion Resort

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Have a nice dream in the museum

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Attractive and ordinary style

When visiting the exhibition hall of the a�?National Museum of Prehistoric,a�? visitors will find the whole park spacious. Aside from the exhibition hall and garden, there is a building on the outside which appears to be the same style as the exhibition hall. It is a�?Taitung Cultural Excursion Resort.a�? If you go pass the resort, there will be the student dormitory of the museum’s a�?Academic Center.a�? The external walls show the cultural characteristics of the aboriginalsa�� weavings. The color is dominated by natural elements including earth red and Granny Smith green. The weaving is a fusion of national color and modernity. A few years ago, the resort reconstructed and changed its name into a�?Taitung Cultural Excursion Resorta�? and grand opened again. It is now the first accommodation affiliated to the museum park in Taiwan.

Stylish interior design

The interior design of Taitung Cultural Excursion Resort is an integration of modern and traditional style. When people walk into the hall, the light gets darker. The designers boldly use brick red, dark gray, dark brown and other colors in the space, to play a strong contrast with the brightness outdoor, hoping that, with the transferring of the space, the dark and silent atmosphere may relax guestsa�� mood when they walking into the resort.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Taitung Cultural Excursion Resorti??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Taitung Cultural Excursion Resorti??TaiwanDay

At the end of the hall, we use the glass screen to separate different functions of the space. The black leather sofa in the lounge room brings out calm and steady feelings. The walls are covered with photos of international arts and cultural celebrities who visited here before. People may find it quite interesting. Moreover, what attracts people the most is the hand-woven cross stitch products made by Chen Mama, a craftsman who lives in Taitung Tai Ma district. The craft fully shows the wonderful aboriginal clothing and totem. In addition, a cypress wooden horse made by traditional craftsman Lin Yongshun is situated in another corner. There are also chairs and benches made by southern Paiwan craftsman Jama Kuroll, handmade puzzle boat from Koto island, cuckoo clock from Italy Diamantini & Domeniconi and so on. People may see different cultural gathering together here and form a unique visual sensation that shapes different styles.

Comfortable and cozy rooms with delicate spare parts

The guest rooms are different from the style of the public area. Here we have warm wooden furniture and white bedding. The room is covered with a dark wooden floor, so you may still feel comfortable on bare feet. We have to mention that all the spare parts in the room are the products of Senteurd’Oca��s Rampal Latour series. The natural fragrance would let you have a comfortable bath!

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Taitung Cultural Excursion Resorti??TaiwanDay