Taichung’s traditional snack

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Exquisitly made, perfectly sauced

Founded in Taiwan's Japanese colonial period, the Ba-wan business started on the shoulders of the Mr. Zhou as he carried them in a bindle street by street. After the business became regular, he started to station at fixed spots which he changed three times over the years until he actually bought a store to run the business. In 1966, the business expanded into two stores, one of which moved to the current location on Fuxing Road in 1989, which is now run by the second generation.

With over 60 years experiences, there is a reason why this stand remains prestigious. The selection of the meat used as well as the seasoning flavors, including red sugar, salt, green onions and fresh bamboo, are all carefully picked by the owners themselves. The taste of the meat is complex and full of layers while also not greasy at all. The pastry-like wrap is made from rice, then cooled and mixed with corn flour once its 80 percent cooked. The sticky paste is then put into modules, and steamed with meat for 15 minutes until its ready to be served. When customers order, they are then deep-fried and served with sauce.

For gourmands, the sauce is one crucial element to make a Bawan perfect. Many regular customers come for its sauce. Its base is rice milk, then seasoned with sweet-and- sour sauce, soy bean sauce, garlic and parsley. The owner says that the secret to the special sauce comes from long years experimenting to find the perfect proportion. “Food is only refine when its details are perfectly made,” he adds. It is this passion that keeps the business busy every day after a decade.

There are also noodle soup with meatballs and fresh bamboo shoots. It’s refreshing and smooth. A decent alternative when visiting!

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - Taichung Ba-wan|TaiwanDay