A-E Jie Shucked Mung Beans

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The Must-Eat dessert in Hengchun

In front of the little snack bar on Hengchun Old Street are crowds of people who want to buy shaved ice. a�?A-E Jie Shucked Mung Beansa�? is what all the tourists in Hengchun cana��t miss.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - A-E Jie Shucked Mung Beansi??TaiwanDay

The Exclusive Golden Proportion

The friendly owner was a beautician. Because of the market change, beauty products are not easy to sell. She firmly decided to sell ice dessert. a�?Since Ia��m going to sell shaved ice, I want to sell the dessert I have eaten since I was a child, Shucked Mung Beans Shaved Ice.a�? she said.

In Hengchun, this is a traditional dessert after the meal that every local knows how to make. The snack bar is open for only five years, but there are so many tourists come specially to visit. If you ask her why, the answer will be the sugar. The aroma of the sugar is very important. The brown and white sugar has to be mixed with a special proportion, to make it fit the mung beans. The delightful aroma will stay in your mouth. You will love it as you try!

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - A-E Jie Shucked Mung Beansi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - A-E Jie Shucked Mung Beansi??TaiwanDay

Shucked Mung Beans (Hot): The shucked mung beans look like chopped garlic. Cook it with some longan to make it flavorful. The hot dessert is soft and mushy.
Shucked Mung Beans Shaved Ice (incl. mung beans noodles, tapioca pearls, mung beans, shucked mung beans): Those delicious toppings and shaved ice with shucked mung beans will become the perfect dessert for summer.
Shucked Mung Beans Shaved Ice with Milk: The owner insists on using the best ingredients so they choose Lin Feng Ying Milk. The milk makes the mushy shucked mung beans even creamier. Those who like the flavor of milk will be satisfied.