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Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Tung Lodgei??TaiwanDay

Two features: ocean views and seafood

Next to Sansiantai in Taitung, the Tung Lodge is a guesthouse facing Sansiantai Arch Bridge and the Pacific Ocean. Different from the mountain forest theme of the one in Gonguan, Miaoli, the guesthouse is a square architecture covered with a diamond pattern resembling a fishing net. The guesthouse stands on the east coast with its simplistic style and gray appearance. When you step into the guesthouse and notice the stairs, you would discover a handrail with sea creature and fishing net made of cast iron. Besides, you will find a mosaic work of a killer whale jumping out of the water on the ground.

If you come here, then you must not miss their seafood cuisine. In fact, the guesthouse can bid in a fish market, which means they can buy rare and fresh kinds of fish. Plus the good cooks, you will become a regular customer of the place. The guesthouse provides a package of staying one night and having two meals, thus allowing guests to enjoy both fresh seafood and beautiful views of the east coast. No wonder many gourmets come here exclusively for the food.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Tung Lodgei??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Tung Lodgei??TaiwanDay

Every room has a beautiful sea view

Each room faces the sea and has a stylistic vanity made of wood and cast iron. The dA�cor is elegant and exquisite. You can look into the distant magnificent view of Sansiantai through the French casement, and you can fall asleep with sounds of waves and stars in the sky at night. In early the morning, you can appreciate the sunrise from the Pacific Ocean and the endless sea. You can definitely have a totally relaxing vacation here.

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American-style breakfast, fresh salad, and freshly baked bread and brewed coffee are provided. If the guesthouse happens to purchase seafood from the market, then you can enjoy additional dishes of fresh fish.

Fish dish varies according to the season, the deal can be adjusted based on number of guests.
Sashimi: cooks handpick seasonal fish by themselves, you can taste various elastic sashimi which melts in your mouth.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Tung Lodgei??TaiwanDay