Summerland Garden Resort

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A place to fill your energy up

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Welcome Guests by a Spacious Grassland

Walking along with the stone road to a�?a�?Summerland Garden Resort,a��a�� you will hear birds singing first, then see a spacious grassland with room accommodations in Bali style, finally find that there is a wooden landscape platform where you can see the sea level far away. The resort provides many activities for you to enjoy. For instance, playing haystacks with your family or friends, swimming in an outdoor large swimming pool with your children or even feeding green-headed ducks strolling outside are all available at this resort. Even though do nothing, just lying on the rattan chair in a daze is also an enjoyment.

The owners of a�?a�?Summerland Garden Resorta��a�� originally operated a design company. Then, they decided to move from city to countryside of Kenting for opening this resort. Encouraged by bravery, from garden restoration, breakfast to room service are all done by this couple themselves. Opened for more than 3 years, all things in room accommodations are checked by the hostess, which makes guests feel a top villa service atmosphere when they step into the door. Famous for its evergreen grass, it makes the resort alive and hopes to give all visitors energy. Besides that, a�?a�?Summerland Garden Resorta��a�� has held more than 10 grassland weddings. All participants think that ita��s the most wonderful wedding they ever had.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Summerland Garden Resorti??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Summerland Garden Resorti??TaiwanDay

Different Style of Room Accommodation

Each room accommodation in a�?a�?Summerland Garden Resorta��a�� has its own theme. Romantic Bali has its own view-seeing balcony and outdoor swimming pool so that you can enjoy a private shining star sky. The interior design and element are all come from Bali; the white yarn curtains with warn yellow light to make Roma Vacation more romantic and relaxant; Summer Palm emphasizes on the top enjoyment like Dubai. Chic dA�cor and a spacious bathroom make the room more attractive and exotic.


a�?a�?Summerland Garden Resorta��a�� offers a buffet breakfast for the guests, which are all made by the hostess. The combination of the western and eastern style of breakfast includes potato salads, plain stir-fried cabbages, red and green peppers with lentil, fried tofu, pan-fried bacon, eggs, fried silver rolls and so on. The homemade dishes make them more delicious, with sweet potatoes; ita��s a really amazing combination. These dishes are all eaten as soon as possible but dona��t worry, the kitchen will continue adding the meal for taking care of those late arrivals.

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Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Summerland Garden Resorti??TaiwanDay