European castle on the east coast

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Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Stuart Villai??TaiwanDay

Unparalleled scenery and architecture

Located at the 11km of the provincial highway 11, Stuart Villa nestles quietly here with distinct European architecture, huge grassland, and clear water pool. When you continue walking, you will see the sea, and mountains are behind your back. The Villa is like a castle which only appears in the countryside of Europe. Amid sea wind and sounds of waves, you wheel your suitcase into the reception lobby. And you are going to be attracted by whata��s in front of you, the colorful stained glass, reception desk made of petrified wood, and rough-looking but delicately made cedar beams and poles. It makes you feel like you are in another country.

Wu Yung-qin, the owner of Stuart Villa, loves traveling and often came to the east coast to see the sea during leisure time when he was running a street stand with his wife. At the time, the two decided to open a guest house one day. Later, the two were deeply enchanted with architecture in Europe and went back to the east coast to build their own villa step by step from buying the land and supervising the construction.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Stuart Villai??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Stuart Villai??TaiwanDay

Elegant dA�cor and relaxing atmosphere

When you first step into the room of Stuart Villa, you would be surrounded by the comforting aroma of cedar beams and poles. Different from the grandeur of most hotel rooms, the room of the Villa is quite large and remains its European style with wood dA�cor, black stone brick flooring, elegant old-fashioned chandelier, and custom-made wooden furniture. You can turn on the radio and let the space filled with music. Or you can enjoy a cup of coffee made by capsule coffee machine and relax on the balcony with the sea in front of you. If you like to take a bath, different kinds of bath salt are next to the stone-cut bath for your choice. If you stay in a Villa sea view room, then a wooden terrace and an umbrella sea for two people are exclusively for you.

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