Taitung Guanshan Pengshu Nest B&B

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A cozy dream house just like home

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DIY and build your own dream

The a�?Pengshu Nesta�? is a B&B with an eye-catching bright yellow outlook. Grand opened in August 2013, the owner named the B&B after his son and daughtera��s adorable nicknames. The owner likes the life in Guanshan so that he decided to settle down here and started to run the B&B. They may say that they start everything from zero. From foundation dredging to further constructions, the owner slowly built up the B&B with big French windows, two suites, and a small restaurant. The decorations here like hand-made weaving paper ceiling lamp and lovely ornaments are all the hostessa�� ideas. With all these efforts, the owner finally built his dream of living in Guanshan.

Small but beautiful rooms

When the B&B became popular, they do not have enough space for accommodations. Therefore, they built another two-floor height country-style suite on the other side of the yard. This suite is in attic design, and it is totally independent of the front yard. With its minimalism outlook design, the suite remained a warm country-style for interior design and decorations. This suite has been operated since 2014, and it is now the most welcoming room in our B&B. The other rooms in our B&B are not very big, but they have made the best use of every corner. Our smart hostess makes every single table and cabinet in the room looks as if they are specially customized. The sofa in the living room can turn into a sofa bed, so you may invite several friends to stay a night together. Another attractive spot of Pengshu Nest is our gorgeous green lawn at the front gate, which is childrena��s favorite playground. As for adults, they may sit or lie on the wooden platform and enjoy the cool night breeze. When the light is off, you may also see some stars shining above the sky.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Taitung Guanshan Pengshu Nest B&Bi??TaiwanDay