Smokey Joe’s Hotel

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Fun at Kenting

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Creative Design of Surprises

The celebrated Amy’s Group to which Smokey Joea��s the restaurant chain is affiliated takes over the site of former Agong House. Except for preservation of main building that has operated for over 28 years, following the full renovation of interiors, the introduction of American retro-style Smokey Joea��s Hotel shows the multiculturalist spirit of brands of Amy’s.

Smokey Joea��s Hotel has a superior location, with its front door leading to the main street of bustling Kenting and the grand Dawan Beach in minutes of walk out of its back door. Into the entrance, guests are welcomed with a colorful world full of surprises! Well-designed lobby is eye-catching. Among others, the 1:1 retro double seat of Cadillac is the uppermost focus. Ornaments and decoration on each storey are so fascinating that guests would rather climb the stairs than take the elevator so as not to miss the creativeness of the stair cases. The outdoor swimming pool of green surroundings in the courtyard is close to childrena��s water playground, which allows parents to enjoy playing in the water with their children.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Smokey Joe's Hotela��TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Smokey Joe's Hotela��TaiwanDay

Considerate Attention to Detail

Guest rooms present fun style in the blend, with senses of harmony coming out of verities of textures and unanticipated colors. By virtue of great soundproofing, ita��s anything but noisy even in the proximity of the main street of Kenting. Details of guest rooms further reveal the ownera��s considerate attention, like supplies of suntan lotions for guests, colors-marked cups in the bathroom in case someone taking the wrong one, as well as plenty of a�?universala�� sockets for convenient access, adding points to the quality of service. In addition to standard double and quad rooms, for guests in a group, superb hexa-rooms or attic octa-suites are available.