Smokey Joea��s (Kenting Branch)

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The Super Exciting Ambiance

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Take a Big Bite and Laugh out Loud

With the American music, brown woody furniture, lively interior decorations, amiable servers and fantastic food in big portion, you know this is the a�?Smokey Joea��s!a�? The branch in Kenting is designed by the manager. The stone carving and island architecture gave the restaurant a relaxing vacation atmosphere, and it blends into the coast ambiance. The recipes of the food were originally from a foreign country and were improved several times. They are famous for the big portion American cuisine, including lots of crispy deep fried foods. In this American restaurant, you will be relaxing and free! Dona��t feel restricted and make a racket if you want. Ita��s such a good place for a group of friends!

The Multiple Foreign Cuisine

a�?Smokey Joea��sa�? is a compound restaurant. You can have pasta, pizza, german knuckle, and even chinese beef noodle! The multiple choices are enough to satisfy guests from all over the world. The energetic and outgoing servers, who make the atmosphere even more exciting, are also indispensable. There is also a bar providing soft drinks, wine, beer and cocktails. Every beverage is decorated like carnival by bartenders. Do you like bustling atmosphere? Do you like the American country rock? Do you like to spend time with friends? Then a�?Smokey Joea��sa�? is your best choice!

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Taiwan Travel:Delicacy - Smokey Joea��s (Kenting Branch) a��TaiwanDay

The Recommendations

(10% of service charge will be added)
Spaghetti with fresh clams (385 NTD): The Spaghetti with garlic fragrance along with a plate of clams. Ita��s so tasty that people want to have more.

Smoked Pork Rib (725 NTD/half rack): After grilled with mahogany and apple wood for more than three hours, the rib has a special fragrance. The chefa��s special sauce makes it sweet and tasty. Use your hands and have a bite. The tender texture and caramel aroma make it a must try dish!

Taiwan Travel:Delicacy - Smokey Joea��s (Kenting Branch) a��TaiwanDay