Spend a night at the oceanfront.

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Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Sky of Sky B&Bi??TaiwanDay

Indulge in the endless ocean views and the blue skies.

With its location at the hill foot and near the coastline, Sky of Sky B&B is privileged to offer stunning views of the ocean, the sunrise, and the beach, as well as a barrier-free view of the Turtle Island. Pushing open the wood door to the guestroom, you can see the horizon framed in the floor-to-ceiling window and you will want to put on beach sandals for a walk along the beach. The entire building is white in the exterior, featuring arched wood windows, which the owner describes as the a�?Aman style.a�? Every detail here, from paints to the crystal lighting, is selected with great care. Sky of Sky has a great DVD collection for guests to borrow and watch during their stay. Spend a night by the seashore is definitely a leisurely summertime experience.

High returning customer rate

Sky of Sky B&B is a family run business. The place used to be a big farmhouse until the ownera��s son, who is a surfing enthusiast, brought up the idea of transforming this place into a hostel. Visitors describe Sky of Sky as a secret spot. Entertainer Matilda Tao has also been here to celebrate her daughtera��s birthday. Sky of Sky owner Mr. Lin Le-Si is a Toucheng Township local and chairman of Qianggu (ghost grapping) Association. He knows well enough about local delicacies and snack foods. Lin describes people in Yilan as cold on the outside but warm on the inside. He says that Sky of Sky also carries the same kind of quality a�� impressing guests with homey service and authentic food, not with eye-catching furnishings.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Sky of Sky B&Bi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Sky of Sky B&Bi??TaiwanDay

All rooms boast great vistas of the ocean.

With every guestroom facing the ocean, Sky of Sky offers guests a refreshing accommodation experience. Large indoor space matches the boundless ocean views. Each room is furnished with two bath tubs, which is particularly ideal for family guests. Sky of Skya��s Superior Ocean-View Room has a big balcony, which makes guests go a�?Wow!a�? In addition to enjoying the changing views of the Turtle Island, guests can listen to waves hitting the beach, gaze up at the stars, and feel the refreshing breezes while lounging on chaise chairs.

Local homey delicacies

Upon checking in at Sky of Sky, guests will be served afternoon tea meal, which features pancakes and fresh fruits plus a wide range of drinks to choose from, including sparkling drinks, coffee, and fruit and herbal tea. The owner grows his own vegetables. He has compared foods from different places and concluded a�?veggies grown in Yilan taste just better.a�? His home grown vegetables are served to guests on the breakfast table. Homey dishes, like rice congee with sweet potatoes and pumpkins, home-made spicy sausages, smoked duck slices with chopped green garlic and scallion, braised beef shank, and omelet with preserved radish, are freshly prepared and well-liked. One more thing you cana��t miss out in Sky of Sky B&B is the homemade, creamy, tasty soy milk!

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Sky of Sky B&Bi??TaiwanDay