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Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Skyline B&Bi??TaiwanDay

Jia-Kun Wu, from Pingtung County, is the owner of Skyline BnB. After a trip to Scotland, the broad landscape there left an unforgettable memory in his heart. Therefore, He was in search for an ideal place for his own B&B after he returned back to Taiwan. He had been to Hualien, Taitung, and Penghu County etc. Finally, he caught a fancy of the wide farmland in Hengchun. Spending few years of digging a new pond and doing reparation, Jia Kun has gradually transformed the farmland into a B&B. On the top floor, you can feast your eyes on the outline of swell and sweep city view of Hengchun City. This is how it got its name, a�?Skyline BnB.a�?

Biking, Rowing, Counting Stars

Situated in the fields, the outlook of Skyline B&B is like a white rural cabin. The color makes it heat-tolerant and easier to clean, said Peggy, the housekeeper of Skyline B&B. Providing such a pleasant and pesticide-free environment for ducks and geese living around here is the reason why they are strong and somehow a little aggressive that they would chase people around sometimes.
This place is just like an ecological park that you can even hear frogs croaking on and off by the pond. According to Peggya��s observation, she said that frogs have become less this year but it is opposite to dragonflies. And also, you can see fireflies in the evening.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Skyline B&Bi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Skyline B&Bi??TaiwanDay

If you want to go downtown or pay a visit to the hit tourist spot a�?A-Jiaa��s homea�?, (the charactera��s home in a sensational Taiwanese movie a few years ago, called a�?Cape No. 7a�?) it only takes a 3-minute drive from Skyline B&B. Otherwise, you can borrow bikes from the B&B, ride and wander freely on the country roads. If you dona��t want to hang out, you can choose to stay in the B&B and go rowing or swimming in the lake. Furthermore, dona��t forget to sit or lie on the wood benches to enjoy the starry night. Let those twinkling stars shine in your dream and make it a golden time for your vacation. A�A�A�

Breathe in that beautiful prana permeating the Universe to release all pressure.

The first cabin of Skyline B&B features a rural and ecological style. As to the second cabin, it is actually a newly done villa in Skyline B&B this year. However, in order to overcome humid problems of the farmland, Jia Kun made the villa a higher structure and placed 3 big French windows. This makes great effects of ventilation and sufficient with light.
Jia Kun especially favors wooden texture. All furniture, from chairs to floors, is made of mild-color wood. In addition, there are plenty of natural landscape paintings on walls painting by Jia Kuna��s artist friend, Yi-Feng Huang, which well respond to Hengchuna��s pastoral lifestyle.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Skyline B&Bi??TaiwanDay