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Have you ever been surrounded by a herd of Alpacas? There are 76 Alpacas and 10 Llamas roaming freely on the endless grassland of Sky Zoo in Houli District, Taichung. In the park, you are free to feed them, pet them and race with them. These mild-tempered animals love to be around human – adults and children alike. Every moment is a photo moment whenever you are around them. Their innocent looks and clumsiness will put a happy smile on your face and make you want to hang around them the whole day.

Surrounded by Animals

The host of Sky Zoo brings visitors into the nature up-close with the animals. The friendly animals, like water buffaloes, wild rabbits, swans, and peacocks, are never locked up inside fences. So, when you take a stroll in the park, watch your steps because you may just step on a little rabbit.

Animals living in the Sky Zoo are pampered like the children of the host. He even gave the animals nicknames. Like the Alpacas and Llamas living on the grassland are called the a�?Poopoo Familya�? for their funny and innocent looks. Can you tell who is who in the Poopoo Family? The Alpaca has a camel head and sheep-like body and limbs, especially the thick wool.

In fact, soft, thick Alpaca wool is far more valuable than sheep wool. The Llama, on the other hand, is more like a small horse with neck and chest similar to a camel, but the legs are longer than an Alpaca. So, now you know – the taller and larger animals roaming on the grassland are the Llamas. Despite the differences in the looks, they have one thing in common; that is, they both are gentle and mild-tempered. Especially during hot sunny days, you will see them slouching under tree shades, posing innocent looks for the happy kids hanging around them.

Taiwan Travel : Attraction - Sky Zooi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Attraction - Sky Zooi??TaiwanDay

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This animal theme park encompasses two hectares of land, hosting a range of animals from as big as crocodiles, hippopotamus, python, giant tortoise, ostrich, horses, kangaroos and more, to as small as chinchilla, groundhogs, ferrets, and parrots. There are also fun events and interactive shows, like the hippo and ostrich feeding show, alpaca hugging activity and alpaca shearing show. Of course, our animal-loving host wishes every visitor of the zoo to have a fun day getting close, getting to know and getting to love our animal friends.