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A Grand Food Exhibit at Red Lantern Restaurant!

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Original, refine culinary

With the guidance of its top chef Mr. Lin Yong-rei, Silks Place Yilan presents the best of Yilana��s delicacies a�� transforming Chinese cuisine to its finest representation. The most renowned and popular one is its Cherry Valley roast duck cuisine. The restaurant had even built up a farm to cultivate ducks and take every procedure in its own hands to ensure the quality of the gastronomy. Mr. Lin created 12 dishes with local ingredients after traveling in 12 townships of Yilan. It is actually a grand food exhibit when he presents the guests his masterpieces of culinary.

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Duck Five Ways

suitable for 4 a�� 6 people, reservation required

The First a�� Duck fat roll
Roasted perfectly, the duck meat is juicy inside and crispy on the skin. Restaurant chef will personally serve the guests on the table side, cutting out perfect slices. The juice drips down along the meat as the chef picks up the duck. It is already exceptionally delicious just looking at it! Take a piece of homemade dough wrapping with green onions, and roll it up with a slice of roasted duck, a few pieces of local green onion and tasty spiced miso sauce. As the juicy duck fat explodes in the mouth, you can never forget this incredible taste.

The Second a��Duck slices with salad
Thin slices of duck meat fried lightly with diced apples, mushrooms, and water chestnuts, and then wrapped with pieces of fresh lettuce. This is a refreshing dish, clears out the previous grease with the sweetness of fruits and vegetable.

The Third a�� Stewed duck soup with Chinese cabbage
Chicken soup cooked and steamed for at least 10 hours before adding Chinese cabbage, broccoli, and at last duck chops to boil. The soup has the sweetness of roasted cheery duck as well as the freshness of vegetables.

The Forth a�� Duck meat sushi
This is one of the best sushi ever! The meat for this dish is strictly chosen, which is the most delicious part of a duck, and then roasted very quick with cheese, before covering onto sushi rice. The chef said that this is the one dish you must not miss! The duck fat immerses underneath duck skin blends with the cheese in your mouth, while they together soak into the sushi rice. The taste is rich but not too greasy, and it is so addictive that you would want to lick up everything on your fingers!

The Fifth a�� Roasted duck mochi
Chefa��s original Hakka mochi stuffed with diced duck breast and spices. It is steamed and then fried, creating a crispy golden surface and a soft filling. The taste can only be found at Red Lantern.

Twelve township delicacies

Water chestnut:
Soaked in sugar water and poached until the sweetness plunges thoroughly into the water chestnuts. It is an extremely tasty cold dish.

Pumpkin steamed with honey from Yuanshan, the dish is soft and rich.

Plum Tomatoes:
Cooked and peeled, locally grown tomatoes from Luodong are then salted in plum juice and flavored with brandy. It has an interesting mixture of sweet and sour.

Spicy cowhells:
Cowhells perfectly braised and then cooled, cut into thin slices, are ready to eat with Yilan peeled chili pepper.

Salt-crushed fish:
At the moment when ita��s presented on the table, one cannot immediately recognize that it is, in fact, a fish. Covered in a blend of salt, egg white and bay leaves, the fish keeps its freshness as the thick outer layer keeps it from slipping away. The dish will be served by the chef, who will lightly tap on the fish so that the salt breaks open, and the freshness enclosed within explodes in the air. It is incredibly tasty without additional flavoring. Costumers are still welcomed to olive oil, lemon, and tartar sauce as they prefer.

Pork liver with apple:
Without exquisite gastronomic skills, there is no way the dish can be presented with perfection. Thin slices of cooked pork liver wrap with peeled apple bring a sensational texture to the tip of the tongue.


Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Silks Place Yilana��TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Silks Place Yilana��TaiwanDay

King oyster mushrooms from Dongshan
Dona��t mistake the dish to a plate of French fries when the dish is served! The king oyster mushrooms are sliced and then frittered with marinated egg yolk. They are irresistible for children and adults with its crispy skin and soft fillings.

Dongpo Pork
Cooked with local Iberico pork soaked in red yeast glutinous rice wine, Yilana��s Dongpo Pork has a unique aroma and flavor. It is usually consumed with a homemade steamed sandwich roll and green onions.

Spicy tofu with duck fat
Cooked with minced meat, duck fat and other spices, the spicy tofu dish has a complex and sensational flavor, which with the combination of fine rice, brings out the chewiness of the meat.

Sauteed Loofah with Scallops
From the thin and equal slices of Loofah, one can tell that the chef is exceptionally mature with knife skills. The freshness of scallops is highlighted with the sweetness of loofah.


Fried shrimp
Fried fresh shrimp, cultivated at Jhuangweia��s organic farm, is safe to consume and tastes sweet and sour.


Fried sweet potato leaves with duck oil and shallot
Deep fried shallot brings out the aroma of sweet potato leaves. The use of duck oil makes it a healthier and less greasy dish for you!

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