Silks Place Taroko

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Villa in the Valleys

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Taiwan Traveli?s Hotel - Silks Place Tarokoi??TaiwanDay

A treat for the mind and body
Located in the valleys of Taroko National Park, the Silks Place Taroko cuddles the mountainous scenery. From the steep cliffs on the side on the hotel to the rustling streams, all that the place has to provide is the creation of the Gods as well as the rich and unique local culture.
The hotel is designed with Chinese concept: the combination of mountains, the rocks, and the woods. There are rooms on the Retreat Floor as well as the Resort Floor, which visitors could choose from according to their needs. On the top floor, there is a fireplace area for travelers to lay or sit, to think about nothing in particular and just stare into oblivion, or to admire the spectacular from atop. During the evenings, aboriginal performances are held around the fire where songs are sung and soar into the night sky.

Exculsive Living Experience
Furniture made of crude woods light up the vast guest rooms with plentiful of delightfulness. Marvelous outdoors scenery scatters through the large ceiling-floor windows. Besides the feast to the eyes, there are equally satisfying pleasure to the ears a�� the rivers murmuring nearby, and the magnificent silence of the mountains. In the bathrooms, separate wet and dry sections and double sinks provide a more pleasant bath time. The most luxurious place in the guest room is the balcony where guests absorb the mountains and the skylines with a cup of tea, a book in hand, and enjoy complete relaxation of the body and mind.

Taiwan Traveli?s Hotel - Silks Place Tarokoi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?s Hotel - Silks Place Tarokoi??TaiwanDay

Wellspring Spa: Travelera��s Perk Jetlag Recovering Massage
1hr 45 min / NT$ 3,400
The 105-minute treatment includes a full hour massage with massage oils and 45-minute scented baths, snack time, and short breaks. This massage approach is inherited from India hundreds of years ago. A selection of massage oils extracted from natural plants is available for massage. Aim to soothe the body and mind, the treatment releases travelersa�� pressure and allow guest to get enough rest. Lay back in the sauna and absorb the scenery outside! It cana��t be more relaxing!

Retreat Lounge Afternoon Tea
Operating hours: 15:00 a�� 18:00
Guests staying on the Retreat Floor may access the Retreat Lounge where refreshments, light meals, afternoon snacks as well as red and white wines are available all day long. The large windows give the guests a broad view of the mountainous horizon. Guests may rest, relax, read, chat or use the internet here.


Western and eastern dinner buffet
Operating hours: 17:30 a�� 21:30
A half self-service dinner buffet provides a selection of main course to choose from, including steak, lamb or fish steak, with a large salad bar. Guests can dine indoors or outdoors at the camping area, the former fashionable and clean, the latter full of nature.

Baiyang Trail: grand view and magnificent waterfalls
Baiyan Trail measures around 2.1 kilometers. On the way there are waterfalls, bridges, tunnels, valleys, etc. In some of the tunnels, visitors can even see bats residing. During spring and summer, butterflies scatter the valleys; while during autumn and winter, plants that turn orange paints the valleys. At the end of the fifth tunnel, there is a double deck waterfall: the Baiyang Waterfall. As if a silky, transparent cloth strolled down from the hills.

Taiwan Traveli?s Hotel - Silks Place Tarokoi??TaiwanDay