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Old house, new energy

Shen Ten Homestay has over one hundred-year history, and renovated from the Shen Ten commercial store, ran by the current ownera��s grandfather. The house went through the time of pirates and the 823 Artillery Bombardment. All the reason why ita��s so much charming today. It has an appearance of an antique building, but its interior is western styled. The two elements are not only not contradicting at all, but brings a great sense of comfort.


Ou Yang Tzu-yung (?�?e�?e�??�?), the owner of Shen Ten Homestay is a retired navy sergeant. His father used to run the Shen Ten commercial store, which had a couplet on its entrance door frame celebrating business and money. The first Chinese character of the two parts of the couplet combined into a�?Shen Tena�?. a�?Shena�? stands for smoothness and success in Chinese, whereas a�?Tena�? is the word for sky, or the gods. Ou Yang named his hostel after his father and grandfathera��s store, demonstrating the traditional Taiwanese virtue to respect and honor your origins, while also hoped that the fine reputation the brand has earned in the past could be inherited after the family house is reconstructed into a characteristic hostel.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Shen Ten Homestayi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Shen Ten Homestayi??TaiwanDay

The antique building comprises four guest rooms, which were named a�?colorfula�?, a�?inka�?, a�?bird nesta�?, and a�?wooda�? by Ou Yang. He asked friends to redesign the interiors, turning them to a vivid, rural western style. The combination of classic and modern miraculously brought spring into the once emptied old house.

Ubiquitous ingenuity, cordial hospitality

Ou Yang is a great fan of the color green. In Room Colorful, you will find green blankets and sheets, and indoor plants. There are even plates of fruits, making it the more hearty! Room Ink is relatively simple in colors, but the thick stripe resembling traditional Chinese ink paintings that hangs across the wall bring live and energy to the room. The two rooms have their own living room and courtyard, creating a sense of a little universe of your own!

From the wooden owl, spliced picture frames, to wooden chairs, there is nowhere at the Shen Ten Homestay where you dona��t see the ownera��s ingenuity in designing. Guests are free to explore and hunt down every corner of the rooms. There will no doubt be a surprise for you! According to Ou Yang, this antique building is a homestay and also his home, therefore he hopes that every visitor will feel like being home here, and understand how the owner strived to bring hospitality for the guests.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Shen Ten Homestayi??TaiwanDay