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Whole Lamb Dish

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Starting from a Street Food and Transition to the Second Generation

Even the locals are full of praise for the renowned Lamb King Restaurant in Shuili. The chefa��s signature dishes are Taiwan native whole lamb cuisine, local mountain products and Sun Moon Lake fish etc. They can serve a set menu for ten people or mutton oil rice noodles as well as snacks for a single diner. a�?Whether we are serving one diner or one hundred diners, we always try our best to meet the requirements of guests.a�? It is the spirit that leads to providing the best service for customers.

In 1971, the first generation owner Chen Jin-Shan opened the Lamb King Restaurant.A� From the beginning, it was just a food stand on Taiping Street. However, with more and more diners, twenty-two years ago they decided to move to its current location. Now his son, Chen Li-Wen, is in charge of the restaurant. As you go into the restaurant, a man who skillfully cuts the large piece of meat with a cleaver and gives his hospitable reception on the dinersa�� arrival at the same time is Chen Li-Wen. Dona��t be shocked by the scene you see. Due to the ownera��s quick and agile hands, it is the key to passing down Lamb Kinga��s taste for decades. The boss said, a�?It is important to make the cut at the exact place. Although meat-cutting is a little bit complicated, it makes the meat taste delicious.a�? His passion for ingredients, persistent and meticulous attitude to the cuisine and the sincere hospitality are the reasons for him to create a restaurant that others talk about and are willing to recommend to others.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Shuili Lamb King Restauranti??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Shuili Lamb King Restauranti??TaiwanDay

Diners who rarely ate mutton become patrons now.

In addition to paying attention to the selection of lamb, the parts and texture of a lamb, the owner also emphasizes the freshness of lamb, the way of cooking, how high to keep the temperature as well as the duration of time when preparing the dish. a�?Everyone can do simple things to make a difference,a�? is the motto Mr. Chen adopts towards interpersonal relations as well as cooking. a�?We only select ewes or castrated lambs as our ingredients. Thus, the diners wona��t be afraid that the meat tastes tough or smells gamey.a�? The owner laughed and said. Many diners cana��t stand the gamey smell in lamb and refuse to give it a try. However, after tasting our cuisine, they turn to our patrons.A� Besides the lamb cuisine, the store offers the seasonal dishes like Sun Mood Lake fish, all kinds of mountain products and so on. The Chinese character a�?xiana�?(fresh) combines two characters. One is a�?yua�? (fish) and the other is a�?yanga�? (lamb). It means freshness include fish and lamb. Thus, it is well deserved its reputation.

Recommended Cuisine

Braised Lamb Breast (NT$400): Select half meat and half tendon or lamb with skin and braise it with sliced radish. The braised lamb tastes chewy and the soft radish tastes light sweet after soaking the broth.

Sliced Lamb (NT$300): This dish highlights the original taste of lamb. Serve lamb breast with shredded ginger, chopped green onion along with chili and then pour special sauce on it. As you take a bite, the chewy meat tastes smooth and creates layers of taste in your mouth. The dish doesna��t taste gamey at all. If serving it with the sliced radish, it is a refreshing cold dish.

Taiwan Traveli?sDelicacy - Shuili Lamb King Restauranti??TaiwanDay