Shuian Lakeside Hotel

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Gorgeous Lakeview

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High-Quality Accommodation

Shuian Lakeside Hotel is located by the lake port and has been founded for 8 years. With a simple interior, it gives a spectacular view of the lake. The female boss said, a�?We had a tough time before our business. We had been street vendors in front of the temple, selling accessories and sugarcane juice for a living. Later on, we had a preference for a plot of land and planned to build a hotel on it. Simplicity, comfort and cleanliness are prior requirements for our hotel.a�?

Over these eight past years, we insist on offering a high-quality accommodation for tourists. We remodeled our several rooms to maintain the quality. Meanwhile, we promote a package tour like visiting Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, yacht ride and taking a gondola and hope our guests can have a wonderful vacation.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Shuian Lakeside Hoteli??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Shuian Lakeside Hoteli??TaiwanDay

Romantic Glass House

All our guest rooms face the lake. Thus, guests can see the Sun Moon Lake from the window. Certainly, if tourists want to take a broader view, ita��s better for them to stay in a room on a higher floor. The most popular guest rooms are on the highest level, which are newly constructed. The guestroom features a personal balcony and travelers can take a broader view of the lake.


a�?Blue Midsummer Nighta�? is a quad guestroom. The main tone of the room is sapphire blue along with a black chandelier. As the light projects on the wall, the light spot seems to be the shining star in the sky. It appears to be a combination of classical and modern. a�?White Romancea�? is a double room. It emphasizes using different white elements to create the refined visual layer, in contrast with some blue tone. The reindeer decorations on the wall seem to situate guests in the North-Europe fairy tale. This is the best choice for newlywed couple and lovers.A� These two rooms feature glass house design. An automatic curtain is installed on the ceiling. By drawing the curtain, the room is quite different during the day and at night. No matter when the morning light spreads across the room or the stars twinkle in the sky, it creates a feeling of romance association. You cana��t really appreciate it until you experience it for yourself.


Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Shuian Lakeside Hoteli??TaiwanDay