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Building Hope for Indigenous Tribes

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Due to a typhoon disaster, one of small Paiwan tribes of Taimali Township has their new opportunity. On August 8th, 2009, there were millions of tons of driftwood piling up at seashore caused by typhoon Morakot. While Forestry Bureau, COA, EY, were considering how to use those driftwood resources effectively and how to make a contribution to reconstructing the tribe after the disaster, Chant Oil Co.,A�Ltd.A�donated 10 million dollars to Forestry Bureau for assisting the tribes on south-link line and helping indigenous people to develop cultural and creative industry of driftwood. The funding was commissioned Tsing-Hua Foundation for Web Culture and Education to conduct with the assistance of Yuan-Ai workshop, Lovely Taiwan Foundation, Taiwan Ecological Engineering Development Foundation, The Hao Guo Zi group, etc. and the efforts of experts in different fields and volunteers. They have decided to establish a�?Sunrise Driftwood Workshopa�? at the over years abandoned Duoliang elementary school to develop the community/tribal wood arts.

A well-known train station with the most beautiful view

The youth in Duoliang tribes has learned woodcraft gradually and at the same time, Sunrise Driftwood Workshop has also been developed. Their crafts are well-received by the public. In addition, Council of Labor Affairs, EY has carried on theA�Empowerment Employment Program in 2013 to enhance their skills and it is currently tutored by Yuan- Ai workshop. The workshop has changed the tribes little by little by stopping the population of Duoliang tribes overflowed and bringing the tribal spirit together. It seems to be easy, but it has to gather the strength of all people to get todaya��s result. While visiting the Duoliang Workshop, you might stop by hear their stories.

Taiwan Travel : Attraction - Sunrise Driftwood Workshopi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Attraction - Sunrise Driftwood Workshopi??TaiwanDay

Below Duoliang tribes, there is the Duoliang train station, dubbed as the most beautiful station but abandoned for years. The old Duoliang elementary school was just above the Duoliang train station and a playground in the past became an activity space, which is a parking lot for tourists. There is a wooden terrace set up close to the edge and by placing some tables and chairs, made from Sunrise Driftwood Workshop, on the terrace, it is a great spot to enjoy the views of coasts, mountains and South-Link railway. When theA�whistle on the train goes a�?whoo-whoo,a�? you can see the train rapidly passing in front into the cave and that becomes a must-see place to rail fans.

The fragrance of coffee and wood

The Duoliang elementary school was remodeled to the workshop but the oldA�building structure of the elementary school has been remained, adding several log pillars in front of the workshop and hanging up a wooden signboard of the coffee shop in a symbol of the establishment of the workshop. While walking into the coffee shop, there are full of wooden crafts on the shelf, imbued with the wood scent to slow down peoplea��s pace and enjoy the shop. These creations are mostly made from driftwood with various kinds of wood and Large-leaved Nanmu, Taiwan Zelkova, Taiwan Spruce, Hemlock, Formosan Michelia, Taiwan White Pine are widely used, from large pieces of furniture, to small practical utensils as well as small souvenirs. In order to keep tenacious and natural style of driftwood, they are not painted, only applied with grease coating to appear wood grain. When you are tired, you can also order a cup of coffee and other drinks, sit on the terrace, take a rest and see the views of mountains, sea, and trains.

Taiwan Travel : Attraction - Sunrise Driftwood Workshopi??TaiwanDay