Beautiful views from Xitoua��s tallest

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Head towards Xitou on county highway 151 and you will come across Xitoua��s tallest Shante Hotel, a modern architecture enveloped by trees. The colored scheme of the foyer is green, combined with the warmth of natural wood. The bar and seating area on the first floor are catered to individual travelers, while B1 accommodates for large tour groups.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Shante Hoteli??TaiwanDay

The restaurant specializes in using local ingredients that are in season: most recognized being the crystal chicken dish which uses free-range chicken, trout steamed with natural manjacks, ferns in a plum and orange-juice dressing, Pulia��s stir-fried red sugarcane hearts, fresh and delicious salt-crusted river prawns, and much more. The menu changes and is customized according to the season.

The crystal chicken is made from fresh juicy cuts of meat, giving it a smooth and tender texture, along with the chicken jelly enveloped in the skin making it extremely juicy when bitten into. Hakka in cuisine, steamed trout and manjacks is a dish where the manjacks sweeten and bring out the flavor of the fish. Tender and gelatinous pork knuckles are braised for at least 4 hours to make the meat tender and moist, a perfect dish to go with a bowl of rice.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Shante Hoteli??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Shante Hoteli??TaiwanDay

Fern in plum juice dressing is a cold and refreshing dish that uses tender fern roots, first blanched for 1 minute, before being placed in icy water to retain moisture and tenderness. Fresh plum juice is then poured onto the ferns. Sugarcane bamboo shoots, also called, a�?sugarcane heartsa�? or a�?sugarcane seedlingsa�? are the soft roots of the sugarcane. The shoots are fried with red chili and other local spices. Salt crusted river prawns is another dish that goes well with rice, containing proteins and chitin.