See-Join Puppet Theater (restaurant)

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Perform your own puppet show

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We all have dreams, but how many of us can keep on dreaming for 20 years? How many of us strive to fulfill our dreams? See-Join Puppet Theater Restaurant is not only a restaurant but also a place aiming to pass on the traditions of glove puppetry.

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Making your glove puppet dream come true

Mr. Chen, the owner of the theater, has always been a huge fan of glove puppetry. When he sold his stationary store and opened Taipeia��s first teahouse selling bubble tea, he displayed various glove puppets around the store. Eventually, he opened Taiwana��s first glove puppet restaurant, performing his own glove puppet shows.

Throughout the years, he has encountered numerous setbacks: the price-slashing practice among peers, a car accident, job hopping of the master puppeteer and the loss of customers. It wasna��t until 2011 that the business finally made a comeback. Established in 2006, the See-Join Puppet Theater began to receive an increasing number of invitations for performances when the Taiwan Tourism Bureau appointed it as an official performing group. In order to maintain the balance of giving performances and running the business, Mr. Chen has since changed the way the restaurant is operated by only taking in tourist groups with more than 10 people.

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - See-Join Puppet Theater (restaurant)i??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - See-Join Puppet Theater (restaurant)i??TaiwanDay

Interesting and delicious

The guests in See-Join not only can enjoy a meal while watching a show but also experience how to operate a glove puppet. The owner breaks all traditional taboos by explaining and demonstrating the art form using basic English, Japanese and body gestures, as well as taking the audience backstage where they can express their imagination through an impromptu act. Using the language and technique they are most familiar with, they get to try out this traditional Taiwanese art form. This is also why it leaves a smile on their faces as visitors walk out of the restaurant.

As the main chef in his own restaurant, Mr. Chena��s Taiwanese home cooking is popular amongst the customers. Boneless roasted chicken legs with a special sauce are cooked to perfection, making the meat tender and juicy. The signature tofu is also a favorite. Fried until golden brown, a bite of the tender but crispy tofu offers a unique tasting experience. Nietzche said, a�?With dreams, people can achieve greatnessa�?. Come to See-Join and be surrounded by the genuine flavors of Taiwan.

Taiwan Travel : Delicacy - See-Join Puppet Theater (restaurant)i??TaiwanDay