The Cabin in the Fairy Tale

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Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Season Star B&Bi??TaiwanDay

The Warm and Attractive European Ambiance

The Season Star B&B is a European style cabin with creamy color walls, white wooden window frames and sills, and a brick-red roof. The trees, bamboo forest, and tea garden beside the Season Star B&B embellish the cabin even more lovely and attractive, just like a little house in the fairy tale. The lush lawn and blossomy garden are in front of the door. Also, there are some outdoor tables with benches and umbrella set up freely on the lawn. The Season Star B&B is located among the mountains.

Therefore, the sky is sometimes radiant and sometimes misty, just like a fabulous bubbly dream. The bright and pleasant indoor space is decorated with fireplace, wooden counter, tables and chairs, which creates a cozy and warm European atmosphere. Once stepping inside the cabin, you would feel a complete relaxation. Attracted by the reputation, no wonder so many foreign travelers visit Mount Ali would choose to stay in the Season Star B&B.

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Season Star B&Bi??TaiwanDay
Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Season Star B&Bi??TaiwanDay

Different Atmosphere of Day and Night

In the daytime, the sun shines through the white-frame windows and scatter on the floor; in the nighttime, the gentle moonlight creates a sense of romance lingering inside the room. Away from the city noise, only the sound of bugs and tweet of birds remain around your ears. The tense lifestyle doesna��t exist here. The only lifestyle here is easy and laid-back. Too many fancy decorations are needless. Just tidy sheets and clean pillows are enough for a good sleep.


Breakfast Time: AM 8:00 ~ AM 9:30

The fresh air in the mountain inspires you to be an early bird. The friendly owner has already prepared a healthy and filling breakfast. There are some delicious scrambled eggs and sausages and you can just enjoy with refreshing salad and fruit. Moreover, there are also toasts and buns available. After breakfast, you can read newspapers with a cup of coffee by the windowsills. Enjoying reading and daydreaming in this peaceful and comfortable morning!

Taiwan Traveli?sHotel - Season Star B&Bi??TaiwanDay